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How to Create a Playful Bean Bag Bunny and Chick

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It's never too early to craft for the next holiday!  Easter is in mid-April this year, so there's plenty of time to create Bean Bag Bunny and Chick home decor with one of my all-time favorite companies – Fairfield World.  Grab some Kunin Felt, upcycle a pillowcase or use any fabric you have around the house.  Can you imagine how cute this Bunny and Chick would be in plaids or calicos?  Totally adorable! 

How to Create a Playful Bean Bag Bunny and Chick Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

This post is sponsored by Fairfield World but the ideas and opinions are my own. 

Bean Bag Easter Bunny and Chick Home Decor

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Here's what you need to create a Playful Bunny and Chick:

Here's how to create a Bunny and Chick Bean Bag for Easter:


Measure and cut two rectangles of Yellow Felt by the Yard 14 inches wide by 18 inches tall for the Chick.  Measure and cut two rectangles of White Felt by the Yard 18 inches wide by 30 inches tall for the Bunny.  Line up yellow rectangles and pin together, if desired.  Since felt is textured, it sticks to itself, I don't use pins.

Cut Yellow Kunin Felt rectangles Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

Sew the Chick's yellow felt rectangles together down the long edge, across the bottom short edge, and then up the other long edge.  Leave the top of the bag open for stuffing later.

Sew chick pieces to create a bag Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

For the Bunny, line up both white rectangles, measure down 12 inches from the top of the 30-inch length and draw a horizontal line.  With a ruler, measure and draw a vertical line at the center point of the 18-inch width.  Then measure and draw additional vertical lines 7 inches in from both edges.  Sketch in Bunny ears and cut away the excess felt.

Measure and cut white Kunin Felt for Bunny Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

Sew all edges of the Bunny bag together leaving the 4-inch gap between the ears open for stuffing later.

Sew Bunny pieces to create a bag Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick


Place Bunny bag on a flat surface and lay Baby Pink Craft Cuts Felt over the ear, then draw the shape of the bunny ear, one-inch smaller on all sides.  Repeat with the second Bunny ear.  

Add pink Kunin Felt for inside Bunny ears Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

Place Chick bag on a flat surface and fringe open edge 4 inches deep with scissors. 

Cut fringe into the top of the chick bag Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

Fold and cut Orange Craft Cuts Felt in half length-wise, stack rectangles on top of each other and fringe length-wise 4 inches deep with scissors.  Glue one section of fringed Orange Felt to each side of the fringed Chick bag.  I like to use a hot glue gun for projects like this because it sets up quickly and bonds permanently.  Tacky craft glue will work, but it takes longer to set up.

Add orange Kunin Felt fringe to chick bag Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

Download, print and cut out BEAN BAG BUNNY AND CHICK PATTERNS  Trace and cut from Kunin Craft Cuts and Yardage according to directions on download.  

Cut out Bunny features from Black, White and Baby Pink Kunin Felt Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

Dry fit all features on Bunny and Chick bean bags according to photos but don't attach them yet.

Cut out Chick features from Black, White and Orange Kunin Felt Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick


Fill both quart size zipper bags with 16 ounces each of Poly Pellets and then fill both sandwich size zipper bags with 8 ounces each of Poly Pellets.  Remove air and zip closed.

Add Poly-Fil Poly Pellts from Fairfield World to zipper bags Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

Place filled quart zipper bags into the bottom of the Bunny bag and the sandwich bags into the bottom of the Chick bag.

Insert Poly-Fil Poly Pellets from Fairfield World at base of bags Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick


This next step should be completed outside on a dropcloth.  Prop the Chick bag open against something sturdy like a tree, or have a friend help hold the bag open and steady. 

Unscrew the cap from the spout of the bag of Poly-Fil Classic Bean Bag Filler.  I love that there is a pour spout and screw-on cap built into this product.  It makes filling and storing super quick and easy with limited mess.  Fairfield World is definitely an innovator.

Poly-Fil Classic Bean Bag Filler from Fairfield World has a pour spout and cap Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

Pour into the Chick bag until the pellets are 6 inches from the top. 

Add Poly-Fil Classic Bean Bag Filler by Fairfield World Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

To stop the flow of pellets, I put my hand over the spout and placed the bag back on the floor, and then I remove my hand.  Screw the lid back onto the bag of filler pellets.  The pour spout and cap make using and storing the   Repeat above steps, filling the Bunny bag.  Secure the opening in the Bunny bag with a glue gun.

Stop the flow of the Poly-Fil Classic Bean Bag Filler with your hand Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

Gather and secure the tops of the Bunny and Chick bags with a heavy-duty rubber band.  Pulling and looping as tight as possible.  

Secure top of Chick and Bunny with Rubber Bands Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick


Measure and cut two 20-inch lengths of ribbon, wrap around the top of Bunny and Chick bean bag and then tie the ribbon in a bow.  Cut a fishtail from the ends of the ribbon with scissors.

Add a ribbon and bow to finish Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

Measure and cut six 12-inch lengths of black twine and adhere to Bunny nose with a glue gun.  Trim Bunny whiskers with scissors.

Attach twine to Bunny nose to create whiskers Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

To finish, attach features to Bunny and Chick bean bags. 

Attach features with Glue Gun Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick


Bean Bag Bunny and Chick with Fairfield World

How to Create a Playful Bean Bag Bunny and Chick Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #fairfieldworld #eastercrafts #bunny #chick

I hope that you have enjoyed my Bean Bag Bunny and Chick Home Decor and that you will use my tutorial as a jumping-off point to showcase YOUR Fairfield World creativity!  With a wide variety of stuffings, pellets, weighted blankets, pillow forms, quilt batting and more the makers of Poly-Fil have you covered for all of your crafting needs!  

Click through and check out the cutest How to Sew a Bunny in one hour that your Kids will Love! Another great project using Fairfield World Poly-Fil.

DIY PLUSH BUNNY STUFFIE CREATIVELY BETH #creativelybeth #bunny #stuffedanimal #howtosew #plush #stuffie #polyfil

For a TON of inspiration, check out the Fairfield World Instagram account and Facebook page.

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