How to Sew a Bunny in one hour that your Kids will Love!

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My niece loves all types of stuffed animals, or as they are now known, stuffies!  (I always love learning new things from the kiddos in my life).  So, I created this tutorial, How to Sew a Bunny in one hour that your Kids will Love! As a beginning sewing project since I am just learning how to create, construct and sew simple patterns.  Filled with Poly-Fil® for maximum huggability!

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How to Sew a Bunny with Poly-Fil® from Fairfield World™

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Here’s what you will need to Sew a Bunny in one hour:

Here’s how to sew a Bunny your Kids will Love:


Download and print DIY PLUSH BUNNY STUFFIE PATTERNS by CREATIVELY BETH then tape both pages together to create a full-size template.  Cut out patterns with scissors.  Trace two Bunny bodies and four Bunny ears onto the back of the plush fleece fabric with a permanent marker.  Cut out all patterns with scissors.


Pin the right sides of each set of Bunny ears together.

Then sew using a long stitch, leaving the base open.

Clip stray threads, remove straight pins and then turn Bunny ears right side out.  In pairs, twist eight white chenille stems together at the top, creating four sets total and insert two sets into each Bunny ear.  Use a chopstick or pencil to move them in position around the edge of the ears.  The chenille stems will provide some structure for the Bunny ears once assembled.


Line up Bunny body, right sides of fabric facing in.  Position Bunny ears along the INSIDE TOP edge of the Bunny body and secure with straight pins.

Leave a four-inch section open at the bottom.  This will be used later for turning and stuffing.

Sew around the perimeter of the Bunny body using a long stitch.  Due to the thickness, push down on the fabric with your fingers as it feeds through the machine.  Remember to leave a four-inch opening at the bottom of the Bunny body.


Clip stray threads, remove straight pins and then turn Bunny right side out through the opening at the bottom.


The secret to creating a soft and huggable Bunny is Poly-Fil® from Fairfield World™ which has a smooth consistency that won’t bunch and is non-allergenic.  Take fist-sized pieces of Poly-Fil® and starting at the top, stuff the entire Bunny body.  I used my fingers and hands to distribute the stuffing evenly.


Once completely stuffed, thread an embroidery needle with sewing thread and whip stitch the opening closed using fairly tiny stitches.  The nice thing about this super plush fabric is that the texture totally hides all of the stitches!

Create a four-inch pom pom from bulky white yarn.  I love using the Red Heart Pom Pom Maker, but you can definitely roll old school and use a rectangle of cardboard.  Tie off the pom pom and trim to a sphere shape.  To finish, stitch the pom pom tail onto the bottom back of the Bunny body.

Here is the completed Sew a Bunny in One Hour   – he’s all business in the front and party in the back!

Perfect to snuggle with in bed or while watching a movie, I know he will be the perfect addition to her Easter basket, but will get lots of loving year-round!

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