Designing and crafting since childhood with my Gran I was constantly sewing doll clothes, learning needlepoint, making macramé plant hangers, and decoupaging EVERYTHING, but it was the 70’s!  She was the true inspiration for my creative exploration, which continues to this day.


My creativity blossomed at the age of 12 with the gift of my first painting set. In high school and college, I started a specialty painted clothing business that thrived. Graduating in just three years with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ringling School of Art and Design, I majored in Marketing with photography and illustration experience.


While making a living in the Advertising and Marketing Industry, I dove into the creative design world again making original projects with paint, wire, canvas, wood, markers, glue, and paper. I enjoy bringing a unique twist to my designs by incorporating traditional materials in unconventional ways.  In the past, I have served as a brand ambassador or design team member for Buttons Galore & More, Canvas Corp. Brands and FloraCraft.  I am thrilled to currently be working with Tombow USA, Kunin Felt, DecoArt, Fairfield World and, Joy Embroidered Letters!


I have extensive experience in advertising, marketing, and copywriting. I have taught a variety of creative workshops to adults and children. I also enjoy the challenges of new product development and original project design.  This website serves as a creative community where I can share home décor, kids craftsrecipes, printables as well as upcycled craft and DIY projects


I am not an expert at any particular craft, but I love making, creating, and experimenting with anything and everything!  While I have a formal art education, I would much rather be getting messy with paints, glue, and markers then drawing a stuffy still life.  Every project is an experiment, some are giant craft fails and others are huge successes, but it is the creative discovery that makes the journey worthwhile.


My site is filled with projects that YOU can tackle.  You can do this.  If you have ever said that you weren’t crafty, or artistic, or handy, stop it right now.  If you want to be, you are —  you just have to start!

Are you ready to make something with me today?


If so, click on one of my project category links at the side, and let’s get started!



  • I love to travel and have a goal to visit all 50 States – I only have 12 to go!
  • I have had curly hair since the day I was born.
  • My advertising and marketing day job is for a BBQ restaurant chain and over the years, I have learned how to smoke and cook all the meats, wait tables, be a host, and manager.
  • I have an addiction to office supplies, even if I don’t need them!
  • I never learned how to whistle.
  • I hate bananas, so those monkeys and that circus are not mine!
I love the internet and spend an excessive amount of time online, so if you want to connect, you can find me on any of these social media sites