Leprechaun Mason Jar for St. Patrick's Day Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjarcrafts #leprechaun #stpatricksday #kidscrafts

Mason Jar Leprechaun a St. Patrick’s Day DIY

Good Morning lovelies!  One of my best friends has a St. Patrick’s Day birthday (and he’s Irish to boot!), so I am always looking for unique treats to make his day extra special!  Candy Coated Peanut Butter Candies are one of his favorites and create the perfect backdrop for this magically delicious Mason Jar Leprechaun!


Mason Jar Leprechaun a St. Patrick's Day DIY Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjarcrafts #leprechaun #stpatricksday #kidscrafts


Leprechaun Mason Jar a St. Patrick’s Day Craft


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Here’s what you need to make a DIY Leprechaun:




Here’s how to create a Mason Jar Leprechaun:




Gather all supplies.


Materials needed for Leprechaun Mason Jar Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjarcrafts #leprechaun #stpatricksday #kidscrafts


Separate the orange candies from the brown and yellow ones.  If peanut butter isn’t your thing, use another orange-colored candy or fill with a fun craft supply such as pom poms or beads.


Orange Candy-Coated Peanut Butter Candies are the secret Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjarcrafts #leprechaun #stpatricksday #kidscrafts




Place recycled cardboard TP tube in the center of the mason jar and fill with crumpled paper towels.


Fill a Mason Jar with Candy Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjarcrafts #leprechaun #stpatricksday #kidscrafts




While holding onto the cardboard tube, carefully pour orange candies into the mason jar.  Gently shake the jar to allow the candies to settle.  Place the candies at the neck of the jar individually with your fingers to cover the top of the cardboard tube.


Hand place the candies at the top Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjarcrafts #leprechaun #stpatricksday #kidscrafts




Download, print and cut out the MASON JAR LEPRECHAUN PATTERNS   Using the MONOTWIN Permanent Marker, trace the face pattern onto cream felt, the mustache pattern onto orange felt, the buckle pattern onto gold glitter paper and then cut out with scissors.  TIP: Cut on the inside of the traced lines for a cleaned finished project.


Create the Leprechaun features to the Mason Jar Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjarcrafts #leprechaun #stpatricksday #kidscrafts


Using glue gun and glue sticks, attach face, mustache, wiggle eyes and the pom pom nose referring to photo for placement.



Mason Jar Leprechaun a St. Patrick's Day DIY Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjarcrafts #leprechaun #stpatricksday #kidscrafts




Remove the elastic cord from the plastic Leprechaun hat.  Trace shamrock onto the neon green felt, cut out with scissors and attach Kelly green button to center.  Glue green gingham ribbon around the base of the hat and gold glitter buckle to the front center, securing with the glue gun and glue sticks.


Decorate the Dollar Tree Hat Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjarcrafts #leprechaun #stpatricksday #kidscrafts


To finish, adhere shamrock to the hat.  Screw lid onto jar and place hat tightly over the lid.


Finish with a bright green Shamrock Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjarcrafts #leprechaun #stpatricksday #kidscrafts


Created with items from my stash and a few additions from the Dollar Tree this Mason Jar Leprechaun craft came together in just about 30 minutes with help from the kiddos!  This family activity teaches color, sorting, cutting and counting skills as well as being tons of FUN!


Mason Jar Leprechaun with a secret candy surprise Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjarcrafts #leprechaun #stpatricksday #kidscrafts


If using as a gift, be creative and fill the tube with cash or a gift card!  Pennies would be a cheeky filler OR use the yellow and brown candy-coated peanut butter candies if you didn’t eat them all!



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