Easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hugs with Free Printable Tags

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I love working with companies that encourage volunteerism and service projects. Fairfield is not only family-owned and made in the USA, but has a strong foundation in service with their “We Make For Good” program. My Easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hugs are the perfect service project for schools, scouts, religious organizations, or just because you want to brighten someone's day. Complete with a free printable pattern and pocket hug poem tags.

Easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hugs Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #polyfil #pockethug #createwithkunin

Free Printable Tags Easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hugs

Easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hugs Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #polyfil #pockethug #createwithkunin

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Here's what you need to make Felt Hearts to Make for Good:

  • Poly-Fil® from Fairfield™
  • Kunin™ Classic Felt® Crafts Cuts – Red and Lagoon
  • Fabri-Fuse Fabric Glue from E6000
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Needle Threader
  • Embroidery Floss – Red and Turquoise
  • Cardstock – White
  • Baker's Twine, Black and White
  • Hole Punch
  • Corner Rounder
  • Scissors – I love my Fiskars!
  • HEART HUG PATTERN and PRINTABLE TAGS – download below ⇓

Here's how to create Heart Hugs with Poly-fil:


To begin the Easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hugs, gather all supplies. Download, print and cut out the heart and hug patterns at the bottom of this post ⇓. Pin the heart onto Kunin Classic Felt and cut out two hearts for each hug. For this project, I am using red and lagoon felt.


Pin or trace the hug pattern onto Kunin Classic Felt and cut out with scissors. Tie a loose knot in the center of the hug. Use a dot of Fabri-Fuse fabric glue to secure the ends of the hug to the inside right and left sides of the heart. Set aside to dry.


Layer the plain heart on the back of the hug heart and select embroidery floss that matches the color of the felt.


Thread embroidery needle with all six strands of floss and blanket stitch from the point of the heart, around to the bottom of the hug. Stuff the heart tightly with Poly-Fil® from Fairfield™ working in small amounts. Make sure the entire heart is stuffed, so it puffs up. Finish blanket stitching the Easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hug closed.


Download and print the pocket hugs printable tags, and cut out with scissors along the guidelines. Use a corner rounder punch on all four corners and punch a hole in the center of the left edge. Cut an 18″ length of baker's twine, loop through the tag and the arm of the hug, then secure with a knot and finish with a bow. Repeat for the remaining Easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hugs.

Download the Pocket Hug Patterns and Tags HERE

Quick and Easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hugs

These quick and easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hugs are the perfect beginner sewing project for kids and adults. Make a bunch and give them away to classmates, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and friends to let them know they are loved. Ideal to pop in an envelope and mail it to someone you are thinking of that lives far away. I made a dozen in about 30 minutes, and can't wait to give them away!

Easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hugs Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #polyfil #pockethug #createwithkunin
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Fairfield loves to hear stories about people making homemade and handmade crafts, quilts, and more in their spare time, which are then donated to people in need. This good work spreads friendship, comfort, support, and love in our communities and around the world. Do you Make for Good? Is Fairfield at the heart of your projects? They would love to hear your story or the story of someone who you know who uses Fairfield products in their mission to that Make for Good!

Fairfield World's motto is We Make For Good! Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #simplesewing #snowflake #pillow #feltcrafts

I have a bunch of Poly-Fil projects on my website, but here are a few I know you'll enjoy. Easy Upcycled Sweater Gnome with Poly-Fil. Enchanted Mushroom Felt Ornament with Fairfield. Avocado Floor Cushion Pillow for Back to School.

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Easy Poly-Fil Pocket Hugs Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #polyfil #pockethug #createwithkunin
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