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Oh Christmas Tree Pillow with Fairfield World

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I love felt and lace, so my Oh Christmas Tree Pillow is quick to create in just about an hour with no patterns and limited sewing. The Poly-Fil Premier Form from Fairfield World makes it easy! Vintage embellishments like lace and trims have been an obsession of mine for a while now, so I created this project to showcase these trims in the best possible way. The white lace and trims look like fancy snow on the felt Christmas trees, don't you think?

Creatively Beth Oh Christmas Tree Pillow #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld

Welcome to the Fairfield World Pillow Party!

Our hostess Laura of Me and My Inklings is my craftiest friend AND she has invited 25 designers to create fabulous holiday pillows using the Poly-Fil Premier 20″ Form from Fairfield World.

Creatively Beth Fairfield World Pillow Party 2019 #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld

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Here's what you will need to create a Christmas Pillow:

Here's how to create a Pillow with Fairfield World:



To begin the Christmas Tree Pillow, gather all supplies. Fold red ticking fabric with right sides together, facing in. Measure, mark, and cut two squares of fabric 24 inches by 24 inches. Measure in two inches from each edge and mark off a 20-inch by 20-inch square with a pencil. Make two pencil marks, leaving an 8-inch opening at the bottom center of the fabric to insert the form.

Creatively Beth Measure and cut fabric for pillow #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld


Secure the fabric together along the pencil lines with straight pins, and then sew the fabric with a sewing machine, leaving the 8-inch opening at the bottom.  Remove straight pins and cut loose threads. I like to use a .25″ seam allowance when sewing a large project like this.

Creatively Beth Sew pillow cover together on a sewing machine #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld

Trim approximately one inch of excess from each edge of the fabric with scissors. TIP:  I don't do a ton of sewing but I do have a pair of scissors dedicated to all my fabric and sewing projects so that I get clean fabric cuts. Make sure your fabric scissors are clean and sharpened often.

Creatively Beth trim excess fabric once the seams are sewn #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld


Turn the fabric right side out through the 8-inch opening at the bottom of the project. Use a pencil or chopstick to get into the corners, so you have a sharp-looking finished project.

Creatively Beth turn pillow form right side out #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld

Insert Poly-Fil Premier 20″ Square Pillow Form into the cover. Now, this Premier Form is not your Momma's pillow form because it is soft, squishy, and extremely comfortable – not hard and stiff. The 20-inch square is a great size for a decorative pillow but is also perfect for snuggling and napping which are important features!

Creatively Beth Insert Poly-Fil Premier Pillow Form into cover #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld


Fold the raw edges of the fabric in, following the sewn seam. Secure the opening at the bottom with straight pins inserted horizontally.

Creatively Beth close the opening with straight pins #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld

Hand stitch the opening closed with tiny whip stitches using a needle and thread that matches the color of your project.

Creatively Beth Hand stitch the opening closed #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld


Measure and cut a 14-inch by 14-inch square of Kunin™ Classic Felt Sandstone. Attach decorative trim along the edges with Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac. Set aside to dry.

Creatively Beth Apply trim to edges of Kunin Felt square with Fabri-Tac #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld


Cut out simple Christmas tree shapes from Kunin™ Classic Felt Olive, Kelly, and Pirate Green.  One large, using the entire 12-inch length of the craft cuts felt sheet, and two slightly smaller with longer trunks. Create a pattern from scrap paper if that is your preference.

Creatively Beth Cut Christmas Tress from Kunin Felt #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld


Apply assorted decorative trim and lace to each felt Christmas tree shape with Fabri-Tac. Embellish lace and trim with Tonic Studios Nuvo Pure Sheen Sequins. Set aside to dry.

Creatively Beth Add lace and trims to the Christmas Tress with Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld

Flip each felt Christmas tree over and trim off excess trim and lace with scissors.

Creatively Beth Flip tree over and trim away excess lace with =scissors #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld


Attach each Christmas tree to the felt square, using Fabri-Tac. Starting in the center with the largest tree, and layering the smaller right and left trees on top.

Creatively Beth Attache Kunin Felt trees to square with Fabri-Tac #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld

Finally, attach the Christmas tree embellishment to the pillow with Fabri-Tac.

Creatively Beth Attach decorative Kunin Felt square to pillow with Fabri-Tac #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld

Oh, Christmas Tree Pillow with Fairfield World

I hope that you have enjoyed my Oh Christmas Tree project with Fairfield World and that you will use my design as a jumping-off point to create a fun, quick, and easy pillow to decorate your home this holiday season! Show off those vintage laces and trims by making them the star of this project.

Creatively Beth Oh Christmas Tree Pillow #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld

Now, here is the FUN part!

Creatively Beth Fairfield World Pillow Party 2019 #ffwpillowparty2019 #creativelybeth #polyfil #fairfieldworld

Start HERE at Laura's blog to get all of the details!

Hop around to view all 25 of the fabulous projects that my talented designer friends created

I would like to send out a big THANK YOU to Fairfield World, Tonic Studios, and Beacon Adhesives for sponsoring the Fairfield World Pillow Party! For more Fairfield World inspiration, check out my Ugly Christmas Sweater Gnomes stuffed with Poly-Fil.

Upcycled Ugly Christmas Sweater Gnome Couple Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #upcycled #ugly #christmas #sweater #gnome #polyfil #free #patterns

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Oh Christmas Tree Pillow Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #ohchristmastree #tree #pillow #craft #diy #polyfil #kuninfelt #felt #christmas

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