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DIY Mexican Serape Table Runner Created with Kunin Felt

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I love the bright and unique color combinations of the rustic handwoven Serape blankets. Since we're not traveling to Mexico anytime soon, I have an easy DIY tutorial to share today. Kunin Felt is the perfect medium to create a DIY Mexican Serape Table Runner to decorate for your Cinco De Mayo celebration or add color to your everyday table. This is a quick and easy project and the perfect way to use up felt scraps!

Create a Faux Mexican Serape Table Runner from Felt #creativelybeth #mexican #serape #diy #felt

Bring a Festive Flair to your table with a Serape

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Here’s what you need to create a DIY Table Runner from Felt:

Here’s how to create a Mexican Serape inspired Table Runner:


Measure and cut an 11” wide by 60” long rectangle from Kunin Classic™ Felt Yardage, white using a Metal Ruler. This will be the base of the DIY Mexican Serape Table Runner. Any color felt (or heavy fabric) would work for this base because you won't see it from the top. 

Measure and cut the bottom layer of your table runner Creativley Beth #creativelybeth #feltcrafts #mexicanserape #tablerunner #DIY #KuninFelt #BeaconAdhesives

I use the grid on my tile floor to make sure that my yardage is square. The Aquarellable Pencil from Stabilo is the perfect waxy style pencil to mark on the rough surface of the felt. I use the white on dark colors and the black on light colors.

Measure and cut a base layer of felt for the table runner Creativley Beth #creativelybeth #feltcrafts #mexicanserape #tablerunner #DIY #KuninFelt #BeaconAdhesives


Measure and cut the following strips from Kunin Classic™ Felt, all 12” long.  Ocean Blue: two 6” wide and three 3” wide.  Cadet Blue: six 1” wide.  Orchid: four 1” wide.  Prickly Purple: four 1” wide.  Peacock: two 2” wide.  Pumpkin Spice: two 2” wide.  Orange: two 1” wide.  Gold: two ½” wide. Neon Green: two ½” wide.  Apple Green: two 1” wide.  Olive: two 2” wide.  White: six ½” wide.  Black: six ½” wide. This was the layout that I created based on my Serape research, but you can mix and match colors that make you feel festive.

Measure and cut the multi-colored stripes for the Serape Creativley Beth #creativelybeth #feltcrafts #mexicanserape #tablerunner #DIY #KuninFelt #BeaconAdhesives


To build the DIY Mexican Serape, measure to the center of the white rectangle at 30” and make a center mark with the Aquarellable Pencil.  Starting with a 3” Ocean Blue rectangle in the very center, dry fit all strips prior to gluing.  From the center to the right, place the Kunin Classic Felt strips in this order: Black, Cadet Blue, White, Olive, Apple Green, Neon Green, Ocean Blue (3”), Gold, Orange, Pumpkin Spice, White, Cadet Blue, Black, Orchid, Prickly Purple, Peacock, Prickly Purple, Orchid, Black, Cadet Blue, White and Ocean Blue (6”).  Repeat the pattern from the center to the left.

Use a rectangle of felt to create a right angle cut on the end Creativley Beth #creativelybeth #feltcrafts #mexicanserape #tablerunner #DIY #KuninFelt #BeaconAdhesives


Starting in the center, attach all felt strips with Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue matching up all edges tightly.  Once dry, flip over and trim any uneven edges with scissors.

Once all strips of felt are dry fitted then glue each section to the base Creativley Beth #creativelybeth #feltcrafts #mexicanserape #tablerunner #DIY #KuninFelt #BeaconAdhesives


To finish the DIY Mexican Serape, attach black pom pom ball fringe trim to both edges of the table runner with Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue. I love the dramatic contrast the black trim creates, but you can use what you have on hand. You could also use individual pom poms, rick rack, or make your own tassels.

Attach ball fringe trim to the ends of the table runner Creativley Beth #creativelybeth #feltcrafts #mexicanserape #tablerunner #DIY #KuninFelt #BeaconAdhesives

I hope you will use my DIY Mexican Serape Table Runner as a jumping-off point to showcase your Kunin Creativity and create some Cinco de Mayo home decor! 

Faux Mexican Serape Table Runner Creativley Beth #creativelybeth #feltcrafts #mexicanserape #tablerunner #DIY #KuninFelt #BeaconAdhesives

Vibrant colors with touches of black and white combined with ball fringe to complete this festive faux project! Swap out the colors and measurements for a custom creation! 

Faux Mexican Serape Table Runner Creativley Beth #creativelybeth #feltcrafts #mexicanserape #tablerunner #DIY #KuninFelt #BeaconAdhesives

Felt is an easy, versatile, and forgiving medium that allows you to create affordable but trendy projects whether you are a beginner or an expert crafter!

Faux Mexican Serape Table Runner Creativley Beth #creativelybeth #feltcrafts #mexicanserape #tablerunner #DIY #KuninFelt #BeaconAdhesives

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