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Upcycled Decoupaged Gift Buckets for Elegant Holiday Giving

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The only thing that I love more than gift-giving is to create unique containers in which to give those gifts. One of my all-time favorite glue is Tombow's MONO Aqua Liquid Glue. It is versatile enough to be the perfect decoupage medium for paper and fabric. Upcycled decoupaged Gift Buckets make an excellent caddie for odd-shaped presents like bath products!

Upcycled Decoupaged Gift Buckets for Elegant Holiday Giving by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #tombow #decoupaged #upcycled #giftgiving #giftwrapping

Easy Upcycled Decoupaged Gift Buckets

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Here's what you need to make Upcycled Gift Buckets:


Here's how to create Elegant Buckets for Holiday Giving:


To begin Upcycled Decoupaged Gift Buckets, gather all supplies. I found these metal buckets at Dollar Tree, but you can also find similar ones at the craft store. Make a pattern on plain white butcher paper using your container as a guide. Roll the bucket and trace the outline with a MONO Drawing Pencil grade B as you go. Cut out the pattern, dry fit onto the bucket, and make any necessary adjustments. Trace paper pattern onto each one of the patterned fabric fat quarters with a contrasting color pencil. I selected the Cherry Red Irojiten Colored Pencil because the lead is smooth and the red contrasts with the black and white of the fabrics, so it is easy to cut out.


Cut out each piece of fabric with scissors. I love how each of these fabric patterns reminds me of the recipient. Squeeze out a quarter-size dollop of MONO Aqua Liquid Glue on the Blending Palette from the Blending Kit and apply a thin layer to half of the bucket with an old paintbrush. Starting in the middle of the fabric, attach to the bucket. Carefully cut out the handle joints with a small pair of detail scissors. Finish applying the fabric and seal the edge with more MONO Aqua Liquid Glue. I have found that MONO Aqua Liquid Glue is so versatile; it dries clear, sets up quickly, has two applicator tips, and is the perfect decoupage medium because it does not leave wrinkles. Set bucket aside to dry and repeat with the other two buckets.


Repeat the steps above with the other two buckets. Once dry, carefully trim the excess fabric from the top and bottom of the bucket with a small pair of detail scissors. My fabric is a tightly woven cotton fat quarter (18″ by 18″), but if the fabric is a bit loose, apply additional MONO Aqua Liquid Glue to prevent fraying. Clean the glue from the Blending Palette with a baby wipe.


I had white shipping tags but thought that was too matchy, so I got out my kraft cardstock and some jute twine. Use the white tags as a template and you will always have the right tag in a color to match all your projects. Simply trace the white tag onto kraft cardstock three times with a MONO Drawing Pencil in a harder grade (I used 3H). Cut out with scissors, finish with a corner rounder punch and a hole punch. Erase any stray lines with the MONO Eraser. Use the bullet tip of Dual Brush Pen N15 to write the names and outline the tags. Add a bit of holiday color with holly berries and leaves drawn on with Cherry Red and Parrot Green Irojiten Colored Pencils. Roughly outline the holly leaves and berries with a MONO Drawing Pen 01


Wrap twine around the top of each bucket several times and secure with a knot. Tie tags on each handle with more twine, finishing with a bow. To finish Upcycled Decoupaged Gift Buckets, fill with kraft tissue paper and some great bath products.

Last Minute Upcycled Decoupaged Gift Buckets

The perfect hostess gift that is more personal than a bottle of wine and becomes a keepsake. Quick and easy Upcycled Decoupaged Gift Buckets can be personalized to fit everyone on your holiday giving list. And beyond…

Upcycled Decoupaged Gift Buckets for Elegant Holiday Giving by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #tombow #decoupaged #upcycled #giftgiving #giftwrapping

Change up the fabric to suit any occasion or recipient's personal taste. This is the perfect project to create with the tweens and teens in your life. Repurpose the gift buckets after the holidays to become a pencil holder or a gathering place for all those cords in your life. The possibilities are endless!

Upcycled Decoupaged Gift Buckets for Elegant Holiday Giving by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #tombow #decoupaged #upcycled #giftgiving #giftwrapping

I love sharing unique ways to give gifts and here are three fantastic ideas. A festive Emoji Pinata Gift Box is perfect for the teen or tween in your life. Welcome your favorite Teacher Back to School with an organizer full of supplies with FREE Printable Pencil and Crayon Tags. The Easiest Recycled Penny Gift Box is a 30 Minute DIY that will elevate any gift card.

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