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Recycled Paper Bag Notebook Covers with Kwik Stix

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Create Recycled Paper Bag Notebook Covers straight out of the bin with Kwik Stix from the Pencil Grip. These solid tempera paint sticks are quick and easy to use because you just remove the cap, twist up, and paint! The paint dries in 90 seconds and gives the deep rich look of a painted surface. With a ton of vibrant colors and sizes, Kwik Stix are my new favorite crafting tool! The look of a painted surface with none of the mess!

Recycled Paper Bag Notebook Covers with Kwik Stix Paint by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #kwikstix #pencilgripcompany #recycled #backtoschool #doodle #diy

Recycled Brown Bag Notebook Covers

Recycled Paper Bag Notebook Covers with Kwik Stix Paint by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #kwikstix #pencilgripcompany #recycled #backtoschool #doodle #diy

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Here's what you need to make Paper Bag Notebooks:


Here's how to create Recycled Notebooks for Back-to-School:


To begin the Recycled Paper Bag Notebook Covers, gather all supplies. This set of 30 Kwik Stix includes pastels, jewel, and earth tones plus classic and metallic colors. I love the variety and the vibrancy of the colors on any surface. Cut the brown paper grocery bag apart with scissors, making sure that you have four rectangles big enough to cover the front and back of the notebook.


Cut out a bookplate shape from a scrap of paper with scissors and lightly attach it to the paper bag with a few swipes of the iCraft Memory Tape Runner. T create this fun shape fold rectangle in four and cut along the open edges to reveal a symetrical design once unfolded.

Recycled Paper Bag Notebook Covers with Kwik Stix Paint by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #kwikstix #pencilgripcompany #recycled #backtoschool #doodle #diy


Select six or eight colors of Kwik Stix and begin drawing hearts randomly all over the paper bag. I selected rainbow colors (of course) and filled the hearts in rows. Continue filling in all of the empty spaces with hearts of various colors. I love how vibrant the colors are even on top of the brown paper bag. When you need more paint, just twist the stick!


Trace around the book plate with the black Magic Stix Marker, which are triangular so they won't roll of the table. BRILLIANT! Peel off the paper book plate scrap of paper to reveal the clean brown paper.


Measure the front and back covers of the notebook, trim the patterned paper to size with a paper trimmer. Apply iCraft Memory Tape Runner adhesive to the backside of the brown paper bag covers, and then attach to the front and back covers. Trim any uneven edges with scissors. Hand letter “This Book Belongs To:” across the top of the book plate with the black Magic Stix Marker, or customize with your personal message and/or name.


For the second Recycled Paper Bag Notebook Covers, create a plaid pattern by drawing horizpntal and vertical lines arcoss the entire section of grocery bag with a variety of colors of Kwik Stix. You can use as many or as few colors as you like. Create a tight plaid with the lines close together, or a loose plaid with the lines further apart. I created a rainbow plaid by adding the lines from red to pink from left to righ, and the from top to bottom. Repeat the above steps to finish the second notebook.

Recycled Paper Bag Notebook Covers with Kwik Stix

Kwik Stix colors range from pastels to jewel, and earth tones plus classic and metallic colors. These highly pigmented paint sticks will bring a range of beautiful colors to all crafts. They dry in under 90 seconds, providing mess-free fun for kids of all ages with a paint-like finish. Don't stress about a mess, as this tempera paint easily washes off. No cups, brushes, smocks, or water cups are needed. Enjoy worry-free peace of mind with non-toxic tempera paint. Suitable for children 3 years and older. Great on posters, cardstock, cardboard, wood, eggs, rocks, pumpkins, seashells, windows, mirrors, and canvas. Kwik Stix are so easy to use, you simply uncap, twist and paint.

Recycled Paper Bag Notebook Covers with Kwik Stix Paint by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #kwikstix #pencilgripcompany #recycled #backtoschool #doodle #diy
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  • I absolutely love my Tempura Paint Sticks! They are so much fun! This is a great project and I am definitely going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Michele! Super quick and easy for adults and kiddos of any age!


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