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Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party FUN!

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Learn how to make Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party FUN! A simple egg carton from the recycle bin along with paint, wiggle eyes, and twine transforms into cute, not spooky Bats just in time for the Halloween party season. You can make four bats from just one egg carton. This is a quick and easy craft to complete with the kiddos in just about 30 minutes with limited supplies

I am sharing as part of the Team Creative Crafts Halloween Party Crafts Edition, and I love to spread all of the creative inspiration to YOU!

Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party Fun Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #halloween #craft #bats #decorations #party #recycled #upcycled

Bats made from Recycled Egg Cartons for Halloween Party FUN!

Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party Fun Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #halloween #craft #bats #decorations #party #recycled #upcycled

This week I am co-hosting Team Creative Crafts Halloween Crafts Edition with my crafty friends Laura from Laura Kelly Designs, and Lindsay from Artsy-Fartsy Mama. We are featuring ALL the fabulously colorful and cute craft projects from some of the most talented designers we know. Check out my tutorial, then scroll down to see all the creativity, AND stop back on Saturday to see what everyone has created!

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Here's what you need to Make Egg Carton Bats for Halloween:


How to Create Halloween Bats from Recycled Egg Cartons:


To begin the Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party FUN, gather all supplies. I love to use all types of materials straight out of the recycle bin, and I have since I was a kid. One of the first recycled projects I ever made was a toothpaste box train engine that I made for my brother for his birthday. Cardboard egg cartons make a great crafting surface, as long as they are clean, with no stains because stains equal smelly.

Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party Fun Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #halloween #craft #bats #decorations #party #recycled #upcycled


Carefully cut the lid off the egg carton with scissors. Cut the egg tray portion of the carton into four sections that are one wide by three long. Cut random scallops into the bottom edge of the first and third egg cups with scissors, leaving the second one intact. Using the egg carton scraps, cut two small triangles for each of the bats’ ears.


Basecoat the bats and the ears with Lamp Black acrylic paint. Make sure to paint the inside and outside of the egg carton bat. Let the paint dry and apply a second coat, if necessary. The paint will soak into the porous material of the egg carton.

Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party Fun Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #halloween #craft #bats #decorations #party #recycled #upcycled


To give each bat character, glue two wiggle eyes on the Bat’s face using a glue gun and glue sticks. Draw a mouth and two fangs with a fine-tip white paint marker. You can use liquid craft glue for this project, but you would have to wait for it to dry. I love how they get personalities as soon you add the features.

Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party Fun Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #halloween #craft #bats #decorations #party #recycled #upcycled


To finish the Recycled Egg Carton Bats, tie orange twine into small bows. Then secure the bows to the bottom front of the bats with a glue gun and glue sticks. You can also use skinny ribbon or baker’s twine instead of orange twine, use whatever you might have on hand. I love how the orange twine POPS on the black, but lime green, deep purple, or even bright pink would look amazing! Look at those toothy smiles!

Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party Fun Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #halloween #craft #bats #decorations #party #recycled #upcycled

Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party FUN!

Change things up by creating a variety of colors of Egg Carton Bats. Let the kiddos customize the faces with markers and paint. Your family and friends will never know how quick and easy this fun Halloween decor was to create! Hang with a clear fishing line from the ceiling or chandelier to create a spooky and cute display.

Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party Fun Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #halloween #craft #bats #decorations #party #recycled #upcycled

More Halloween Crafts & Free Printables

I have created a Free Hand-Drawn Halloween Banner to Print and Color. An ideal way to decorate your home for Halloween, and the perfect activity to do with the kiddos. Tombow Dual Brush Pens are my favorite markers because they have a large brush tip for lettering and a smaller bullet tip for coloring and come in 108 bright and vibrant colors.

Free hand-drawn Halloween Banner to print and color Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #halloween #banner #freeprintable #coloring #handdrawn
Shop Tombow

One of my favorite things to keep or rather “hoard” is Mason Jars because they are just so versatile and inexpensive. Recently I discovered that by combining some of my favorite Tombow products I could create a tinted glaze to add to plastic and glass to change the color. My project How to DIY Mason Jar Witch Lantern will step you through this process. Just click through to see how easy it is!

How to DIY a Mason Jar Witch Halloween Lantern Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #masonjar #witch #halloween #craft #creativecrafts

Recycling and upcycling have been my jam since I was a kid. Sometimes I even purchase a certain type of product because of its packaging. For my Recycled Bottle Halloween Ghosts project, I purchased Sparkling ICE Water strictly because of the size and shape of the bottle. Now, I am hooked on the Mango Tangerine, it's slightly fizzy but too bubbly. Secrets revealed!

Recycled Bottle Halloween Ghosts by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #creativecrafts #recycledcrafts #halloweencrafts

Now it’s time for some INSPIRATION!

Below are more projects created by some of my craftiest designer friends. We are participating in the Team Creative Crafts – Halloween Party Crafts Edition. Scroll down to see all the goodness. Stop back by Saturday for all the super cool projects!

Awesome Halloween Party Craft Inspiration from Team Creative Crafts

I am totally blown away by the fabulous variety of projects that the team created this month. We told everyone “Halloween Party Crafts, Anything Goes” and we have not been disappointed! And look at all the FABULOUS projects!

More Creative Halloween Party Crafts

Whether you are decorating or creating these Recycled Egg Carton Bats are the perfect addition to your Halloween Party from Beth at Creatively Beth (THAT'S ME!)

Laura from Me and My INKlings is the ultimate troop leader, so we love her collection of Girl Scout Halloween Party Ideas, they are brilliant!

The party favors are covered with a set of free printable Halloween Character Treat Boxes created by Lindsay of Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Liz with Liz on Call has the most adorable Halloween party idea – Jack-O-Lantern Balloons! Get the tutorial and a downloadable file over on her blog.

Create quick and easy Halloween Party Favors with Felt using the tutorial from Blanca with Creativities Galore. We love this idea because they are reusable!

Get together with your GHOUL friends for a craft night! Candice from She’s Crafty gives you all the details for a Haunted House Party!

Michelle of Michelle’s Party Plan-It has the spooky side covered with her DIY Freddy Krueger Bag. Perfect for a Halloween Party favor or Trick-or-Treat bag.

With just a few supplies create Halloween Monster Pretzels to serve at your October 31st Party. Beth with the Ruffled Daisy is sharing her tutorial.

Marissa with Rae Gun Ramblings is cooking up some sweet and spooky Cauldron Cakes. Get the recipe and step-by-step directions on her blog.

Let’s take adorable to a whole new level with a No-Sew Baby Bat Sock Stuffie created by Debra of Debra Quartermain Designs. We think he’s FANG-TASTIC!

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Remember, today is day two! So, stop back by for more creativity. I promise you won't be disappointed, but rather inspired! And, check out Day One of Creative Crafts Halloween Party Crafts. Too busy to make this right now? Pin it for later!  I’d love for you to pin my Recycled Egg Carton Bats to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and then it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Recycled Egg Carton Bats for Halloween Party Fun Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #halloween #craft #bats #decorations #party #recycled #upcycled
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