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No-Sew Bean Bags for Outdoor Games with Kids

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I always find that my nieces and nephews are more invested in an activity when they are involved in the creation process. We are always outside making up new games and adapting old ones, so I decided to take it to the next level and create some fun bean bags. These quick and easy No-Sew Bean Bags are perfect to make with the kiddos in just about 30 minutes and with limited supplies. Scroll all the way down to check out the games we created to play outside on the patio!

Fairfield World Summer Patio Party

I am excited to be hosting the Fairfield World Summer Patio Party with Laura of Me and my INKlings, plus a bunch of talented designer friends. We are all sharing our favorite DIY Patio Projects! Scroll down to see all of the fantastic projects!

No-Sew Bean Bags for Patio Games with the Kids Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #kidsgames #beanbags #polypellets #fairfieldworld

No-Sew Bean Bags filled with Poly-Pellets® from Fairfield World

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Here's what you need to make Patio Games

For the No-Sew Bean Bags:

For the Bean Bag Yard Games:

Socks from the Dollar Tree and Poly-Pellets from Fairfield World create No-Sew Bean Bags for Outdoor Games with the Kids Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #kidsgames #beanbags #polypellets #fairfieldworld

Here's how to create Bean Bags with the Kids:


To begin the No-Sew Bean Bags, gather all supplies. After that, remove the packaging from the socks. Dollar Tree has a bunch of cute colors and patterns of crew socks that are two pairs for $1.25. SCORE! I purchased two packages of three different colors and ended up with 24 socks. TIP: This is also a great time to gather all the single socks from the laundry room.

Materials needed for No-Sew Bean Bags for Patio Games with the Kids Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #kidsgames #beanbags #polypellets #fairfieldworld


Turn the socks inside out and tie a knot in the toe of the sock. Pull tight to create a small knot, then turn the socks back right side out. This will give the socks a round bean bag shape instead of a sock shape.

Turn Dollar Tree socks inside out and tie a tight knot at the toe Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #kidsgames #beanbags #polypellets #fairfieldworld


Open the easy pour spout on the Poly-Pellets® and fill a one-cup measuring cup. Stretch the sock opening over the measuring cup and then pour the Poly-Pellets® into the sock. Stretch the cuff of the sock around the measuring cup to prevent spills.


Tap the filled sock on the work surface to get the Poly-Pellets® to settle and form a ball shape. Tie a knot at the top of the sock and then work it down into a tight knot. I love how these pairs of socks were color-coordinated but did not match exactly.

Knot the top of the sock once filled with Poly-Pellets Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #kidsgames #beanbags #polypellets #fairfieldworld


To finish the No-Sew Bean Bags, I cut off the excess sock cuff to create a more compact bean bag for the kids the throw and use for patio games, however, you could leave the sock whole. After that, I repeated the process with the remaining pairs of socks.

Cut the excess from the cuff of the sock bean bag Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #kidsgames #beanbags #polypellets #fairfieldworld

The kiddos now have two dozen bean bags and all I used to make them was six pairs of socks from Dollar Tree and my go-to Poly-Fil® Poly-Pellets® from Fairfield World. The great thing about bean bags is there are countless things they can be used for. We can easily pull them out and then head outside for some friendly family competition.

Make no-sew bean bags from Dollar Tree socks and Poly-Pellets Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #kidsgames #beanbags #polypellets #fairfieldworld

Creative Games for Kids with Bean Bags

Basic Toss: Either take turns tossing a bean bag to one another, or make it a little more interesting. Begin facing each other and with each successful catch, that person takes a step back. See which person can catch at the furthest distance.

Tic-Tac-Toe Toss: Use sidewalk chalk and draw a large tic-tac-toe board. Determine a throw line and then take turns tossing the bean bags to get three in a row. Be sure you have enough of the same color family for two players.

Paper Plate Targets: Grab 5 paper plates and give each one a different value. Place them at varying distances and then take turns tossing the bean bags to see who can get the most points. Each turn can include between one and three bean bag tosses.

Hula Hoops: Place three or more hula hoops in the yard at varying distances. Take turns tossing the bean bags in the hula hoops. Give each hoop a different point value and then see who can get the highest score.

More Patio Games to Play with the Kiddos:

Knock-Out Soup Cans: Use empty soup cans and stack them in a pyramid, either on the ground or on a table. Toss bean bags at the pyramid to see who can knock all of them over. You can also assign each can a point value and then add up the scores.

Buckets: Place three to six sand buckets in different places. Various sizes are fine and then take turns tossing the bean bags in the buckets. Give each bucket a different point value and see who can get the highest score.

Toss at Water Bottles: Fill three, six, or even ten empty water bottles up about ¼ full and then set them up in a triangle formation like bowling pins. This can be set up on the ground or on a table. Toss the bean bags to try to knock all the bottles over.

Bullseye: Use sidewalk chalk and draw a large bullseye target. If desired, give each section/circle a value and then see who can get the most points or who can land in the middle of the target the most.

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