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I can remember creating my Halloween costumes when I was a kid with my Mom and Dad out of found objects from around the house. These were more memorable and special than all of the store-bought costumes combined!  The inspiration for the Kids Skeleton Halloween Costume was definitely the Kunin Tie Dye Felt! This costume is a bit of a mash-up – two ideas merged together – a cute as can be hot pink Skeleton and a rainbow Tie-Dyed Hippie!


Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to plan and create your costumes NOW!


Kids Skeleton Halloween Costume with free printable patterns by Creatively Beth


Kids Skeleton Halloween Costume


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Here’s what you will need to create a Skeleton Costume:



Here’s how to make a Kids Halloween Costume:



Download and print SKELETON HALLOWEEN COSTUME PATTERNS   Cut out, trace onto chipboard and then cut out again.


Free printable patterns to create skeleton costume



Trace Rib Cage (1); Pelvis (1); Knee Cap (2); Long Leg Bone (2); Medium Leg Bone (2) and Small Arm Bone (4) on to the back of  Kunin Tie Dye Felt with a permanent marker and cut out with scissors. TIP: Each Craft Cut has a different tie-dye image on it, so move the patterns around until you are pleased with the color placement on each pattern piece.


Trace skeleton patterns on the back of the felt so your lines don't show once cut



Dress child in shirt, and then carefully safety pin the cut felt pieces in the correct place.


Layout skeleton patterns on long sleeve shirt


Dress child in leggings, and then carefully safety pin the cut felt pieces in the correct place.


Position skeleton patterns on leggings by Creatively Beth



Cut and insert plain white paper inside the shirt and leggings to prevent the layers from becoming glued together. Attach each felt piece in place with Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue. Let dry overnight. This glue is specially formulated for felt AND it is machine washable in the gentle cycle – SCORE!



Pick up some fun Hippie inspired accessories at your local party store to complete the look!  OR change up the colors and themes to customize your Kids Skeleton Halloween Costume!  Creating your own handmade and homemade Halloween costumes with your kids – crafting memories that will stay with them for life!


No sew Kids Skeleton Halloween Costume by Creatively Beth


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