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How to Create Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans

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There are always certain things that that I just can't throw away. An old pair of jeans is on the top of that list! I've been collecting these blue jeans for years because I wore them every day for my restaurant marketing job. Now I get to wear yoga pants and be creative every day – WINNING! But seriously, jeans are so versatile when it comes to upcycling. The fun back pockets, seams that are already sewn, and even the buttons and zippers can be repurposed to create new projects. Today I am sharing How to Create Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans, a no-sew project. We're going to let the blue jeans do all the work! And I am using two of my favorite products from Fairfield World™, Poly-Fil®, and Poly-Pellets®.

How to Create Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #upcycle #recycle #denim #crafts #falldecor #pumpkins #autumndecor #diy

No-Sew Blue Jean Pumpkins for Upcycled Fall Decor

This post, How to Create Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans, contains affiliate links. Using links to these sites means I will earn a percentage of the purchase at no extra cost to you. This post was sponsored by Fairfield World™, bu the creative ideas and opinions are my own.

Here's what you need to make Recycled Denim Pumpkins:

Upcycle some old blue jean legs into rustic pumpkins to decorate your home this Fall Poly-Fil and Poly-Pellets from Fairfield World make it easy! Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #upcycle #recycle #denim #crafts #falldecor #pumpkins #autumndecor #diy

Here's how to create No-Sew Blue Jean Pumpkins:


To begin Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans, gather all supplies. Layout the jeans on a flat surface. Measure and cut the jeans into 14″ (large pumpkin) long and 12″ (small pumpkin) long sections. I love the Fiskars Mixed Media Shears for cutting heavier fabric like denim. Remember how I told you these were old jeans? Well, these jeans are boot cut, so the legs are approximately 10″ wide. YIKES! Not very stylish, but great for pumpkins!

Measure and cut the jean legs to 12 inches and 14 inches Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #upcycle #recycle #denim #crafts #falldecor #pumpkins #autumndecor #diy


Turn the sections of jeans inside out. Gather leg opening at one end and secure tightly with a heavy duty rubber band.

Turn jenas legs inside out and secure the first end with a tightly wrapped rubber band Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #upcycle #recycle #denim #crafts #falldecor #pumpkins #autumndecor #diy


Find the inside seam and carefully cut the threads to create an opening that is approximately four inches long. This hole is how we will stuff the pumpkin. The inside seam is two layers of denim fabric sewn together with the stitching inside. The outside seam of jeans is a double-lapped seam and has two rows of exposed stitching.

Find the inside seam of the jeans and carefully cut the threads to create a 4 inch opening Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #upcycle #recycle #denim #crafts #falldecor #pumpkins #autumndecor #diy


Gather and secure the opposite end of the blue jean leg with a rubber band. Make sure that you pull the rubber band as tightly as you can when wrapping around the jean fabric so the ends are super secure.


Carefully turn the pumpkin right side out through the stuffing hole.


Fill small plastic zipper sandwich bags to approximately half full with Poly-Pellets® from Fairfield World™. Remove the air and zip closed. Place one bag in the bottom of each pumpkin and spread out evenly over the gathered end inside. This will give the pumpkin a sturdy base to sit on. Poly-Pellets® is one of my go-to supplies when sewing stuffed items. Small plastic pellets that you use to weight a stuffed item, create a weighted toy, make bean bags, or even as vase filler. They are so versatile and the bag has a spout with a screw-on lid.


Stuff the pumpkins with Poly-Fil® premium polyester fiberfill from Fairfield World™. Tear off chunks of stuffing and place in all of the nooks and crannies created by the folds in the denim fabric. Use a chopstick to move the filling around and get it in all the places. With Poly-Fil® you can stuff really firm or a little bit squishy, it just depends how much filling you use.

Stuff blue jean pumpkins with Poly-fil to give this DIY some dimension Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #upcycle #recycle #denim #crafts #falldecor #pumpkins #autumndecor #diy


Apply a line of Fabri-Tac™ fabric glue from Beacon Adhesives to the inside edge of the seam opening. Carefully pinch seams together and secure with binder clips for approximately an hour, until the glue is dry.


To finish Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans, fluff the pumpkins with your hands until you get the shape that you want. I like that the pumpkins are lop-sided and quirky because it gives them character. Attach a wine cork to the top center of each pumpkin with Fabri-Tac™ and then set aside to dry. Measure and cut a 12″ length of gingham ribbon, tie in a bow, trim the ends, and glue to the base of the wine cork stem.

Quick and Easy No-Sew Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans

I hope you have enjoyed my Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans and you will try out this tutorial soon. It was a quick and easy project. I created four denim pumpkins from two pairs of recycled blue jeans in just about 30 minutes.

How to Create Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #upcycle #recycle #denim #crafts #falldecor #pumpkins #autumndecor #diy

Decorate your Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans to showcase your unique style. Buffalo check, twine, sunflowers, felt leaves or even acorns from the yard. The possibilities are endless!

How to Create Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #upcycle #recycle #denim #crafts #falldecor #pumpkins #autumndecor #diy

If you enjoyed this Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans project, then check out some additional projects on my blog. I created Coastal Inspired Denim Pillows again by letting the legs of the jeans do all the work. For more Autumn inspiration check out my Embellish Pumpkins with Lace project that was a crafty success story! For a quick and easy sewing project check out my Tooth Fairy Monster Pillows stuffed with my favorite Poly-Fil from Fairfield World!

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  • These jean pumpkins are absolutely the CUTEST! Love the idea of recycling jeans and those wine corks?! GENIUS! Thank you so much for sharing! Pinning!

    • Thank you, Christine!! The wine corks happen to be sitting on my desk!!

  • These denim pumpkins are so cute! I love that they are no sew and made using some recycled items.

    • Thanks a bunch, Blanca!!

  • These are too cute Beth and I have a whole bunch of denims that will probably never fit this ever expanding body of mine again 😀

    • Thanks, Michelle! They are quick and easy with NO sewing!

    • Thanks a bunch, Donna! Super easy to make using the leg of a pair of jeans, too!

    • Quick and easy to make, too Cindy!

  • These jean pumpkins are adorable. Great job.

    • Thanks a bunch, Janet, they were fun to make!

  • I love working with poly pellets. This is such a cute design. Pinned 📌.
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    • They are a GAME CHANGER for crafting, thank you, Paula!!

  • These are so cute Beth. I always save pieces of jeans I might cut up so this is a great idea. Thanks for the inspo & sharing at the Home Imagined party. XO- MaryJo

    • YES! I am constantly saving things that I know can be upcycled later, MaryJo!

  • You had me at no-sew, but man, these denim pumpkins are adorable! And this really opens up the opportunity to make them out of all kinds of materials! What a great tutorial!

    • YES, Donna! I love thinking outside the box!

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