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Happy Mail Art from 3 Household Items

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Good Morning y’all! As a Crafty Camp Counselor for Dani over at Pop Fizz Paper this week, I wanted to share my fun virtual camp class projects.  How to create happy mail art from 3 household items. I love creating with items that I have on hand, it’s a challenging and easy way to get the kiddos involved (or just save all the fun for yourself, I won’t tell!)  Creating every day is really the best medicine for me to stay happy and healthy.  I also have friends and family spread out all over the U.S. so Happy Mail Art allows me to stay in touch with a bright and happy TWIST!  Now, let's get crafting…

Create Happy Mail Art from 3 Household Items @CreativelyBeth #happymailart #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens


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Paper Plate Happy Mail Art

Supplies needed to create Paper Plate Happy Mail Art:

Create Happy Mail Art with Paper Plates and @CreativelyBeth #happymailart #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens

The paper plate is the perfect surface for some unique Happy Mail.  Just your regular white paper plate will do, I got mine at the Dollar Store. Write your message on the inside of the plate with the Tombow MONOTWIN Permanent Marker in a fun design, like this swirly sun. I wrote a message to my niece about all of the super cool activities we did this Summer.

Add some sunny color with Tombow Dual Brush Pens, and then flip the plate over and color some bright Summer fruits with your Dual Brush Pens. I have created an orange wedge, a bright green kiwi and the official fruit of summer – the watermelon! Break the fruits down into simple shapes to make the coloring quick and easy!

When you are all done, fold the plate in half, then open, and apply Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive to the edge and then seal firmly. Add some details (seeds) and address the front with the MONOTWIN.

Paper Bag Happy Mail Art

Supplies needed to create Paper Bag Happy Mail Art:

Create Happy Mail Art with Paper Bags and @CreativelyBeth #happymailart #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens

An unsuspecting paper bag makes the perfect Happy Mail Art envelope!  I had these white lunch sack size bags on hand, but you can use any size bag!

Color Rhodamine Red polka dots with Tombow Dual Brush Pen 725 then outline with sketchy style circles using the MONOTWIN, create a True Blue buffalo plaid with 526 or add a Periwinkle ombre chevron pattern with 603. Layering the Dual Brush Pens creates a deeper shade of the original color, which is how these effects were created. The possibilities are endless!

Slip in a fun and colorful note or letter, for a whimsical touch, save scraps of paper from other projects to write notes on.  Then seal the opening with Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive. Make sure to seal the bottom flap to the back of the bag as well!  If your design is too busy or dark, roll on some Tombow MONO Air Correction Tape and then address the envelope with the MONOTWIN Permanent Marker.

Clear Packing Tape Happy Mail Art

Supplies needed to create Clear Packing Tape Happy Mail Art:

Create Happy Mail Art with Clear Packing Tape and @CreativelyBeth #happymailart #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens

Clear packing tape is the third household item we are going to create Happy Mail Art with today. I gathered up all of my leftover Tombow Dual Brush Pen watercolored scraps and discovered I had a rainbow of colors!

Line up scrap strips on a 4” by 6” rectangle of Bristol board as the base for the postcard and then attach strips to the card with Tombow MONO Permanent Adhesive Runner. Letter a quote on the front with either the MONOTWIN Permanent Marker or my favorite, the Fudenosuke Brush Pen Twin Tip.

Add some sparkle with chunky glitter or confetti and then apply a layer of clear packing tape to the front, then flip over and draw a vertical line down the center of the postcard. Write your message on the left side and address the right side. Once the back is complete, then apply another layer of packing tape and then trim the edges with scissors.

Repeat postcard building process with die-cut flowers and leaves, which have been embellished with doodled details, or create your own personalized postcard!  I know I have said it before, but use your imagination and the possibilities are endless!

Let's Wrap Up Happy Mail Art from 3 Household Items

Create Happy Mail Art from 3 Household Items @CreativelyBeth #happymailart #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens

In conclusion, I would recommend taking all of these happy mail art pieces directly to the Post Office so that the proper postage can be applied. I hope you have a colorful and crafty rest of your Summer!  Share your Happy Mail Art from 3 household items and tag me on Facebook and Instagram !  Can’t wait to see what y’all create!

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