Hand Lettered Valentine Banner with FREE Printable

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Good morning y’all!  It's only 2 sleeps until Valentine's Day and I have a quick and easy Hand Lettered Valentine Banner to celebrate the big day!  Download the FREE Printable below and let your creative coloring and lettering juices flow!


Hand Lettered Valentine Banner with Free Printable from Creatively Beth #free #printable #handlettered #tombowdualbrushpens #heart #drawing


Download a Free Printable to create a Hand Lettered Valentine Banner


Hand Lettered Heart Banner with FREE Printable by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #freeprintable #handlettered #heart


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Supplies needed to create a Valentine Banner:



The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.




Create a Hand Lettered Valentine Banner with a Free Printable:



Step One


Sketch out a 6 1/4″ by 6″ heart with MONO J Drawing Pencil 2H grade on bond cardstock.  Sketching with a harder grade pencil like a 2H is my preference because it creates lighter lines that are easier to erase.  The MONO Zero Eraser makes detailed erasing, in tight spaces a breeze.


Sketch out a heart design Creatively Beth #free #printable #handlettered #tombowdualbrushpens #heart #drawing


Then create layers and fill in with patterns.


Fill in the patterns Creatively Beth #free #printable #handlettered #tombowdualbrushpens #heart #drawing



Step Two


Trim the sketch and tape it to a clean sheet of bond cardstock.  Using the Cricut BrightPad, trace over the sketch with MONO Drawing Pens 01, 03 and 05.


Place sketch on bright pad and ink in design Creatively Beth #free #printable #handlettered #tombowdualbrushpens #heart #drawing


I use all three tip sizes to create interest and depth in the doodle designs and patterns.


Ink in design with MONO Drawing Pens by Tombow Creatively Beth #free #printable #handlettered #tombowdualbrushpens #heart #drawing


Here is the final hand-drawn doodled heart.  Be inspired to create your very own heart OR download my HAND LETTERED VALENTINE BANNER


Complete the inked in sketch Creatively Beth #free #printable #handlettered #tombowdualbrushpens #heart #drawing


Step Three


Now I like doodling, but the coloring is always more fun!  Use a combination of Dual Brush Pens 703, 723, 725, 743 and 815.  TIP: For coloring with Dual Brush Pens print on a laser printer or copy machine, so the design doesn’t bleed when coloring with Dual Brush Pens.  If you only have access to an inkjet printer, then colored pencils are the way to go.


Color in the heart image Creatively Beth #free #printable #handlettered #tombowdualbrushpens #heart #drawing



Step Four


Instead of creating a banner with a single word, I used one of my favorite quotes from the Beatles, “Love is all you need.”  Use the brush tip of Dual Brush Pen N15 to create a bold, hand-lettered design.  Placing one word on each heart.


Hand letter a quote on colored hearts Creatively Beth #free #printable #handlettered #tombowdualbrushpens #heart #drawing



Step Five


To create the banner, attach the Valentine’s Day Hearts to a 36″ length of ribbon using Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive.  The Tombow Xtreme line of adhesives are five time stronger than traditional adhesives, making them the perfect choice for mixed media projects.


Attach hand lettered hearts to ribbon Creatively Beth #free #printable #handlettered #tombowdualbrushpens #heart #drawing


Print, color and create a Hand Lettered Valentine Banner using my free download HAND LETTERED VALENTINE BANNER.  Let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite Valentine’s Day quote is – GO!


Hand Lettered Valentine Banner with Free Printable from Creatively Beth #free #printable #handlettered #tombowdualbrushpens #heart #drawing


More free downloads can be found by searching PRINTABLES!





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