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Hand-Lettered Thanksgiving Place Cards in Fun Fall Colors

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Good morning y’all!  Today I am sharing a modern color palette to celebrate Turkey Day.  Follow along below to see how I created these Hand-Lettered Thanksgiving Place Cards in fun Fall Colors.  Jewel tones including bright yellow, green, red, and orange get a pop of boldness by adding purple, blue, and burgundy. Plus an easy way to add a bit of elegance to your hand-lettering.

Hand Lettered Thanksgiving Place Cards Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens #watercolor #thanksgiving #placecards #craft

Hand-Lettered Thanksgiving Place Cards in a Bold & Modern Color Palette

Hand Lettered Thanksgiving Place Cards Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens #watercolor #thanksgiving #placecards #craft

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Here's what you need to make Fun Thanksgiving Name Cards:

Here's how to create Watercolor Place Settings for Thanksgiving:


Let’s create a color palette!  I started out with the bright traditional colors of Fall and added the deep jewel tones to give my place cards a modern twist.  Mix and match your Dual Brush Pen colors and don’t be afraid to be BOLD!

Hand Lettered Thanksgiving Place Cards Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens #watercolor #thanksgiving #placecards #craft


Trim tan cardstock to 3″ by 6″ rectangles with a paper trimmer and fold each one in half.  Create rectangles of color on white cardstock with Dual Brush Pens 565, 636, 528, and 757. Create a dreamy watercolor effect using the Tombow Water Brush.  With a uniques design, the Water Brush holds clean water for water coloring in the shaft for quick, easy, and portable creativity! Set aside to dry.


Trim watercolor rectangles to 2 3/4″ by 2″ with a paper trimmer.  Cut and apply Tombow Foam Tape to the back of each rectangle and attach to the folded place card to create dimension.

Trim watercolor backgrounds and attach to cardstock with Tombow Foam Tape Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens #watercolor #thanksgiving #placecards #craft


Color unfinished wooden leaves with Dual Brush Pens, using the side of the brush tip.  Then attach them to the place cards with MONO Multi XL Liquid Glue.  Set aside to dry.

Color the wooden leaf shapes with Dual Brush Pens and attach with MONO Multi Liquid Glue Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens #watercolor #thanksgiving #placecards #craft


I always sketch out my hand-lettering with the MONO Drawing Pencils. Print the names onto the place cards with Dual Brush Pen 992 in bold block lettering. Layer a modern calligraphy style hand-lettered name with the brown Fudenosuke Colors Brush Pen.  The small brush hard tip of the Fudenosuke is perfect for the beginning letterer – give it a try! Once complete, use the Dust Catch Eraser to remove any pencil lines. With its uniques design, the Dust Catch actually “catches” all the eraser shavings.

Modern Hand-Lettered Thanksgiving Place Cards in Bold Colors

I hope you will use my Hand-Lettered Thanksgiving Place Cards as a jumping-off point to experiment with color and showcase YOUR bold, colorful, and modern creativity!

Add hand lettering with Tombow Fudenosuke Brown Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens #watercolor #thanksgiving #placecards #craft

Creating handmade crafts for the holidays with the kiddos is one of my favorite things to do. Simple crafts become treasured keepsakes and bring joyful memories for years to come!

Hand Lettered Thanksgiving Place Cards Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #tombowdualbrushpens #watercolor #thanksgiving #placecards #craft

I love crafting for all the holidays, Thanksgiving included! If you are looking for more inspiration, please check out my Clay Pot Turkey Thanksgiving Decoration with a special message OR Watercolored 3D Pumpkin Place Cards OR a fun DIY Thanksgiving Pie Banner made with felt!

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