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Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote and Free Doodles

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You know how there are some quotes that just speak to you? Well, there are many variations of this one, but the traditional When Life Gives You Lemons…Make Lemonade is my favorite. I created this Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote and Free Doodles, so you can print and color one too! This quote speaks to my sense of making the impossible possible. I love leaving the end of classic quotes like this open-ended, so the reader can let it speak directly to them.

Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote and Free Lemon Doodles by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #handlettering #doodles #wallart #xyroncreativestation

Free Lemon Doodles and a Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote

Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote and Free Lemon Doodles by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #handlettering #doodles #wallart #xyroncreativestation

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Here's what you need to make a Lemon Quote into Wall Art:


Here's how to create a Lemon Inspired Quote with Free Doodles:


To begin the Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote and Free Doodles, gather all supplies. I recently received a Creative Station and a variety of Refills from Xyron®, so generous, thank you! I wasn't really familiar with the Creative Station and thought it looked complicated, but the set-up and operation are quick and easy.

Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote and Free Lemon Doodles by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #handlettering #doodles #wallart #xyroncreativestation


Unboxing the Creative Station was simple. Lift the lid and then insert the Permanent Adhesive which was super easy as the cartridges just drop right in. Pull the handle out from the side of the machine, lift and turn. Set-up is complete in under 5 minutes. And when you want to use a different cartridge, lift the current one out (even if it isn't finished) and insert a new one.


I always start with my favorite MONO Drawing Pencil 4H grade, which has a hard lead and leaves a lighter line that is easier to erase. Ink in the quote with my Dual Brush Pen N15 Black using the brush tip. Then I go in with the bullet tip, smoothing out the curves and correcting any mistakes. The MONO Drawing Pens 08 and 05 widths are perfect for inking in the lemon doodles. Download the Lemonade Hand Lettered Quote below ⇓ and print it out from a Canon Pixma Printer on any colored cardstock. I am using aqua today.


Download and print the Lemonade Doodles below ⇓ on white cardstock. Then you know me, I have to make a color chart. I am using three shades of yellow and two shades of green Dual Brush Pens from Tombow to color in the doodle lemons and flowers. Coloring quickly, in and outside the lines creates a sketchy and artistic look to the simple doodles.

Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote and Free Lemon Doodles by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #handlettering #doodles #wallart #xyroncreativestation


Open the Creative Station by lowering the bottom half of the front cover which then becomes the tray and accurately guides the cardstock into the roll with ease. Place the entire sheet of cardstock into the machine until it stops, then push gently while turning the handle on the side until the cardstock begins moving through the Creative Station. Once through, push down and slide the cutter across the built-in cut bar for a straight and clean cut every time.


Remove the protective plastic from the top of the newly made sticker sheet, and cut out the whole lemons, lemon wedges, and flowers with scissors. You can fussy cut the images with great detail, but I was a bit looser in my cutting. Dry fit the images around the quote until you are pleased with the composition.


Peel the backer paper away from the images and apply, one at a time, to the quote. I even overlapped a few. Once all stickers are attached to the cardstock quote, trim any excess with scissors. I love the way that this project turned out. Colored backgrounds are always fun, but you cannot doodle and color images directly on colored cardstock, so this solution with the Xyron® Creative Station is brilliant!

Quick and Easy Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote

I hope you will use my Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote as a jumping-off point to showcase YOUR creativity soon. This was such a fun and simple project turning doodles into stickers and then into wall art, that my head is swimming with more ideas. With the Xyron® Creative Station, the possibilities are endless. So, stay tuned for more quick and easy wall art ideas coming soon!

Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote and Free Lemon Doodles by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #handlettering #doodles #wallart #xyroncreativestation

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Hand Lettered Lemonade Quote and Free Lemon Doodles by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #handlettering #doodles #wallart #xyroncreativestation

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