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Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags to Foil with Therm-O-Web

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Learn how to foil Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags with Therm-O-Web and make your Christmas shine bright. Y'all know that I love to doodle, draw, and letter, so when I realized that I didn't have any hand-lettered holiday tags on my blog yet, I sat down and created this set, especially for YOU! Download and print this set of four Christmas tags onto colored cardstock, then cut them out and attach them to presents. OR, follow my tutorial below to see how quick and easy it is to add a bit of sparkle with DecoFoil transfer Sheets from one of my favorite companies, Therm-O-Web.

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags Hand Lettered for Therm-O-Web Deco Foil by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #thermoweb #decofoil #handlettered #handlettering #freeprintable #freedownload #heatfoil #christmas #tags

How to Foil with a Laminator

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags Hand Lettered for Therm-O-Web Deco Foil by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #thermoweb #decofoil #handlettered #handlettering #freeprintable #freedownload #heatfoil #christmas #tags

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Here's what you need to make Foiled Gift Tags for Christmas:


Here's how to create Free Printable Foiled Gift Tags:


To begin the Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags, gather all supplies. I always start out with a blank piece of printer paper and a pencil to sketch my designs. Since this was a set of gift tags, I traced around a shipping tag that I had on hand to create the template, then added the hand-lettered messages. Once I am pleased with the sketch, I layer the super smooth printer paper on top of my Cricut BrightPad. This serves as a lightbox, so I can ink in the images with the Tombow MONOTwin Permanent Marker, and not have to erase pencil lines later. Then I scan the images and convert them to a PDF file for sharing here on the blog!


Download the Free Gift Tag Printable BELOW ⇓ then print it onto cardstock with a Laser Printer. Laser printers print with dry toner ink, while inkjet printers print with water-based ink. Making a copy on a toner-based copy machine will also work. The foiling technique WILL NOT work with an inkjet printer. Selecting super smooth cardstock will also assist in a successful foil transfer. I love the bright colors of Foil Transfer Sheets from the Laura Kelly for Therm-O-Web set.


Heat the laminator according to the directions on the back of the Deco Foil package. This project can also be created on plain white paper, colored paper, or white cardstock with your Deco Foil color of choice. PLEASE NOTE: A MUST for this project is to print the image with a LASER PRINTER or COPY MACHINE that uses DRY TONER. Heat Foil projects WILL NOT work with an INKJET PRINTER that uses WET INK to print. Lay the Transfer Foil, color side up on top of the gift tags, and insert it into a preheated laminator. I always like to run my Foil Transfer projects through the laminator twice for good adhesion. Create a one-color foil transfer, or cut out shapes and piece the foil for a multi-colored foil transfer.


Lay the Transfer Foil, color side up on top of the Laura Kelly Patterned Toner Sheets, and insert into a preheated laminator. I like to run my Foil Transfer projects through the heated laminator twice for a good solid foil adhesion. Peel back the Foil Transfer to reveal the MAGIC! Mix and match patterns and colors for a custom gift wrap design.


Once everything is foiled, then it is time to wrap our presents. To dress up the white foiled pattern paper, I like to color in the backgrounds with my Dual Brush Pens. Mix and match the colors for a fun and funky look, or leave the background white for an elegant and modern look. I always keep a roll of plain white butcher paper on hand to wrap presents. For a clean, finished look, secure the ends of the paper with Therm-O-Web Adhesive Runner XL Permanent. I just LOVE how the red and green complement each other and gives the foil a place to shine!


To finish the Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags, cut the colored and foiled Laura Kelly Pattern Toner Sheets into 1.5″ strips on a paper trimmer. Attach strips end to end with Therm-O-Web Adhesive Runner XL Permanent to create one long strip. Secure the decorative strip around the wrapped package with Therm-O-Web Adhesive Runner XL Permanent. Cut a length of black and white baker's twine and tie it through the hole, finishing with a bow. Add names to the TO: and FROM: sections of the tag with the MONOTwin Permanent Marker. Attach the completed tags to the packages with Therm-O-Web 3D Foam Squares.

How to Foil Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Laura Kelly and Therm O Web have put their creative minds together! They created a whole new line of stamps, transfer foils, toner sheets, and more! Laura Kelly is the amazing artist behind Doodle Licensing, where her bright, energetic, and creative designs reflect her personality and style. She likes to keep things simple and fun, sharing ideas that allow anyone to say, “I can make that!” My Hand Lettered Christmas Gift Tags and Wrapping Ideas certainly live up to that standard.

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags Hand Lettered for Therm-O-Web Deco Foil by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #thermoweb #decofoil #handlettered #handlettering #freeprintable #freedownload #heatfoil #christmas #tags
Shop Tombow

Create DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper Ideas quickly and easily with Tombow Dual Brush Pens! I love creating with items that I have on hand, it is a challenging and easy way to get the kiddos involved (or just save all the fun for yourself, I won’t tell!)  I created three styles of Christmas Wrapping Paper with my Dual Brush Pens and a roll of plain white paper from Dollar Tree.

Create DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper with Tombow Dual Brush Pens Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #christmas #wrappingpaper #tombowdualbrushpens #doodle #plaid #handlettering

My crafty bestie, Laura of Laura Kelly Designs created a creative line of clear stamps, toner sheets, and transfer foils this year with Therm-O-Web, and I have loved creating all types of projects with them. Especially a trio of 5 Minute Holiday Gift Wrap ideas with Laura Kelly Designs Therm-O-Web Collection. These quick creations can be easily made with limited supplies, and just in time for the Holidays.

Christmas Crafting with Friends Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #christmas #crafting #friends #teamcreativecrafts

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  • These tags are fabulous! They look so professional! I am definitely inspired to make these next year. Also, I love the font you selected. Thank you for sharing this post on the Home Imagined Link Party.

    • Thanks a BUNCH, Anna! The font is actually my handwriting!

  • These are lovely, Beth! And so unique with the foil touches! Pinned, and I’m happy to be featuring you at Tuesday Turn About this week!

    • Thank you so very much Julie! I’ll be sure to stop by!

  • Thank you for the tutorial, Beth! After fighting with foiling tools for the past couple of years, I am so impressed by this method, the results are really superior. I didn’t realize an exciting crafting tool could be lurking in my old laser printer!

    • I have had 100% success with the laser printer, Therm-O-Web Deco Foils and my trusty laminator, Kerri! Happy crafting!

  • These gift tags look fab. I bet the foiling really makes them stand out

    • YES, Natasha, the foiling is so dynamic and easy to create with a laminator!

  • Wow. Just wow. I had no idea you could do something like this! This is absolutely gorgeous. (And that’s your handwriting?!) I love this so much. Pinning to save and share! Thank you for sharing this post at the Will Blog for Comments #18 linkup. Hope to see you next time, too. 🙂

    • THANK YOU, Jennifer, and yes that is my hand lettering! Foiling is simple to be successful at with a laminator and laser printer!


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