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Foiled Hello Fall Wreath Hand-Drawn Free Printable

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Create a Foiled Hello Fall Wreath with my Free Printable file. Y'all know that I LOVE to doodle, draw, and hand letter ALL THE THINGS, and this free printable file is the perfect combination of all three! I live in Florida and we don't have any leaves changing in the Autumn, so I have hand-drawn this wreath to decorate my mantel all season long. Adding a bit of Deco Foil from Therm-O-Web is quick and easy with my laminator.

Foiled Hello Fall Wreath Free Printable by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #freeprintable #hellofall #wreath #thermoweb #decofoil

Hand Drawn Autumn Wreath Free Printable

Foiled Hello Fall Wreath Free Printable by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #freeprintable #hellofall #wreath #thermoweb #decofoil

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Here's what you need to make a Hand-Drawn Free Printable to Foil:


Here's how to Foil and Color a Free Printable:


To begin the Foiled Hello Fall Wreath Free Printable, gather all supplies. Heat the laminator according to the directions on the back of the Deco Foil Transfer Sheets. PLEASE NOTE: A MUST for this project is to print the image with a LASER PRINTER or COPY MACHINE that uses DRY TONER. Heat Foil projects WILL NOT work with an INKJET PRINTER that uses WET INK to print.

Foiled Hello Fall Wreath Free Printable by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #freeprintable #hellofall #wreath #thermoweb #decofoil


Download and print the free printable hand-drawn Hello Fall Wreath from the file below this photo Print onto white cardstock with a laser printer according to the settings recommended for your printer. Print at 100% for a sign size or print in a smaller format to make a card or a tag.  I love, love, love the MONO Twin Permanent Marker from Tombow for all my hand lettering and drawing projects. It has a larger bullet tip on one end and a smaller fine tip on the other. Perfect for large spaces and small details!

Foiled Hello Fall Wreath Free Printable by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #freeprintable #hellofall #wreath #thermoweb #decofoil


Remove the 6″ by 12″ sheets of Deco Foil Copper and dry fit over the image. Fold the foil, trim along that mark, and piece together the cut foil to cover the entire image with the shiny colored side up and matte silver side down. Remove one sheet of Parchment Paper from the packaging, and open it with the fold on the left-hand side. Place the cardstock and foil into the Parchment Paper. The dry toner image from the laser printer will react with the Deco Foil Transfer Sheets when fed through the heated laminator and will bond the foil to the toner like MAGIC!


Carefully fold the parchment paper over the top to create a sandwich. Feed the sandwich through the pre-heated laminator, folded end first. Once the first pass is complete, I always like to run all of my foiled projects through the laminator a second time. This ensures good adhesion of foil to toner and seems to eliminate any wrinkles.

Foiled Hello Fall Wreath Free Printable by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #freeprintable #hellofall #wreath #thermoweb #decofoil


Open the folded parchment paper, and peel back the foil to reveal the Copper Foil MAGIC! Even though I have heat foiled quite a bit, this step gets me every time. I always foil my free printables twice, so I have a backup project, just in case.

Foiled Hello Fall Wreath Free Printable by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #freeprintable #hellofall #wreath #thermoweb #decofoil


The next step is my favorite (OK, my second favorite to foiling) the coloring! I love using the 1500 Colored Pencils from Tombow for coloring all types of projects. I keep a color swatch on the lid, so I know what colors are perfect for each project. Color the leaves, acorns, and berries in a warm variety of Autumn colors. Create variety by lightly coloring some areas, while using more pressure to create a denser, more vibrant color.


To complete the Foiled Hello Fall Wreath project, basecoat the top of an 8″ by 8″ box sign from Dollar Tree with Titanium White acrylic craft paint. Paint the sides with Light Cinnamon acrylic craft paint. Set aside to dry and apply a second coat, if necessary. Trim the completed free printable to 8″ by 8″ with a paper trimmer, and attach it to the box sign with UltraBond adhesive from Therm-O-Web. Attach an orange and white gingham ribbon to the edge of the box sign with UltraBond adhesive. Tie the ribbon in a bow and glue it to the top of the finished sign. iCraft UltraBond Permanent Adhesive is an all-purpose, liquid adhesive for crafting that is CLEARLY different! This specially formulated, the water-based liquid adhesive is permanent and DRIES CLEAR!

Foiled Hello Fall Wreath Hand-Drawn Free Printable

I simply LOVE how this foiled free printable turned out! And one last tip before y'all go – make at least one extra print to use as a test when working with the Deco Foil Transfer Sheets. My test run had the foil wrinkled and did not fully attach to the print. It looks OK, but not nice enough to frame. I have learned the hard way to always include some playtime in my projects. Deco Foil Transfer Sheets from Therm-O-Web are a fun and creative way to add vibrant color, brilliant shine, and a metallic finish to any project! Use Deco Foil adhesives and applications for an easy way to apply foils to a variety of craft projects, including cards, layouts, mixed media, home décor and so much more.

Foiled Hello Fall Wreath Free Printable by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #freeprintable #hellofall #wreath #thermoweb #decofoil

Download the Free Printable Hello Fall Wreath

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