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Faux Quilted Pallet Pumpkins with Ann Butler Designs

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I am not a traditional quilter or paper crafter, so I have created Faux Quilted Pallet Pumpkins with Ann Butler Designs line of quilt inspired stamps from Unity Stamp Company.  Ann's stamps come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns, but today I am using triangles in a star pattern and rails to create a striped pattern.  Red rubber is perfect for stamping on uneven surfaces like the wooden pallet pumpkins.  I love how the modern pumpkin shapes blend with the traditional quilting patterns to create contemporary home decor!

Creatively Beth Faux Quilted Wooden Pumpkins with Ann Butler Designs

Wooden Pallet Pumpkins Decorated with Faux Quilting Stamps

Faux Quilted Pallet Pumpkins with Ann Butler Designs

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Here's what you need to make Stamped Pumpkins:

Here's how to create Faux Quilted Pumpkins:


Base Coat wooden pumpkins with Burnt Orange and Canyon Orange, then let dry and apply a second coat if necessary.

Creatively Beth paint wooden pallet pumpkins with acrylic craft paint


On a large acrylic stamp block build a traditional star quilt pattern using the 1″ triangle from the Faux Quilting Stamp Sets.  Load the pattern with Canyon Ink and then stamp off on a scrap of paper to ensure you are pleased with the design.

Creatively Beth create a traditional star quilt design with stamps!

Stamp star quilt pattern along the centerline of the pallet pumpkin, making sure that the points of the triangles all line-up.  The great thing about these stamps is that there is no edge, so the patterns line up seamlessly with no blank space.

Creatively Beth load stamp with ink and stamp in a row across center of short wooden pallet pumpkin

Because I felt the design was incomplete, place 1″ Picnic Stamp on the acrylic block, load with Canyon Ink and stamp in the center of each star pattern repeat.  Stamp 1″ Double Diamond in the center of each pattern match.

Creatively Beth finish stamping the star faux quilt pattern on the pumpkin


Place Background Basics on the acrylic block, load with Canyon Ink and stamp a different pattern on each section of the wooden pallet pumpkin.  I attempted to stamp Tangarine Ink on the Burnt Orange paint but it did not have enough contrast, so I switched things up!  Because crafting is organic and not an exact science, you have to be able to roll with your materials to create the perfect finished project.

Creatively Beth Stamp a striped design with Ann Butler Designs


Once the ink has dried, paint the base, stems and recessed channels between the pallet planks with Dark Chocolate.  Use the #2 round brush for the detailed painting and the 3/4″ wash brush for the larger areas.

Creatively Beth paint stems and bases with brown craft paint


Place four of the 1″ squares from the Faux Quilting Stamp Sets onto a large acrylic block.  Load with Limelight Ink and then stamp several times on green cardstock.  Repeat with Evergreen Ink and Depp Woods Ink.

Creatively Beth faux quilt stamping for leaves

Trace a leaf (either real or faux) on the stamped cardstock and cut out with scissors.  Cut four different types of ribbon in 20″ lengths and tie in a bow around the stems of the pallet pumpkins.  Trim any long ribbon tails with scissors.  Tuck the stem of the leaf into the back of the ribbon.

Creatively Beth trace and cut out leaves from stamped cardstock

Farmhouse Style Faux Quilted Pallet Pumpkins

I hope you have enjoyed my Faux Quilted Pallet Pumpkins and you will use my project as a jumping-off point to stamp on a fun wooden surface!  Look for flat surfaces like pallets, trays, and picture frames in your local craft stores and add some faux quilted charm!

Creatively Beth Faux Quilted wooden pallet pumpkins

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Faux Quilted Pallet Pumpkins with Ann Butler Designs

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  • Thank you very much Cindy!

  • I love these pumpkins…and your style!

    • Thanks a bunch, Ann! It’s easy to create lovely projects with your wonderful stamps!

    • How cute are your quilted pumpkins, Beth! Those stamps look like fun and have so much crafting potential.

  • I think I am missing something here. This seems to be an incredibly expensive craft project.

    • One can obtain the same results with just one of the Faux Quilted stamp sets and the stamp sets are so versatile. 🙂

  • Love your stamped pumkins they are so pretty! Think I might have to give this a try!

    • Thanks, Jayne! I really love these quilt stamps!!

  • These pumpkins are positively charming! They have such a cozy feel to them… quilts is right on… with a little bit of a sweater vibe! Perfectly themed for fall!

    I’ve featured your amazing project in this weekend’s DIY Salvaged Junk Projects. Thanks for linking it up!

    • Thank you very much for the feature, Donna!!

  • Love the tone-on-tone look of your pumpkins! So cute!

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  • These are such an great change from the typical painted pumpkin. I had to pin it! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity each week. #HomeMattersParty

    • Thank you, Donna! I always try to think outside the craft box!

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