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Embroidered Button Flower Bag with Four Stitches

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Are you ready for no more tangled skeins and floss that stays neat and tidy? I love when new products come onto the craft scene that changes the way I create. I was super excited to receive a few of the new Anchor® Embroidery Floss Spools. The floss rolls smoothly off the spool and doesn’t tangle or knot when pulling out a length to work with. Storage is neat and tidy with spools, no more piles of tangled floss. Scroll down to see the easy Embroidered Button Flower Bag that I created with just four stitches.

Easy Hand Embroidered Button Flower Bag

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Here's what you need to make Hand Stitched Button Flowers:

  • Anchor® Embroidery Floss Spools – Snow White 0001; Salmon Dark 0013; Magenta Medium 0062; Violet Medium Light 0097; Spring Green Dark 0239; Canary Yellow Light 0288; Melon Light 0328
  • Kunin Classic Felt Craft Cuts 9” by 12” – Brilliant Blue
  • E6000 Fabri-Fuse Liquid Fabric Glue
  • Buttons – Button Jam
  • Fabric Burlap Bag with Drawstring
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Pinking Shears
  • Scissors

Here's how to create an Embroidered Button Flower Bag:

We recently had the opportunity to host our fourth Team Creative Crafts Create-A-Thon, with my crafty besties Laura and Lindsay. We created some fabulous projects with a new product from Coats and Clark. Their line of Anchor Embroidery Floss, known worldwide for its superior quality and extensive color range, is now available on spools, so no more tangled skeins!


To begin the Embroidered Flower Button Bag, gather all supplies. I have the colors of floss I used listed above, but mix and match your colors of buttons and floss to create a unique project.


Cut a square of fabric to fit the bag using pinking shears. Layer the fabric onto Kunin Classic Felt in Brillant Blue and cut out a larger square. Unwind a length of Snow White Anchor Embroidery Floss from the spool, thread all six strands onto an embroidery needle, and attach the fabric to the felt with a running stitch.


Select colors of 100% Egyptian cotton Anchor Embroidery Floss that will coordinate with your buttons and sew them randomly onto the blue base. I sewed three lower and two higher to give the button flower centers room for petals.


Thread all six divisible strands of Anchor Floss onto an embroidery needle and stitch French Knots around the two taller flowers. Create petals around the three shorter flowers using the Lazy Daisy stitch.


Backstitch the five flower stems with six strands of Anchor Embroidery Floss in Spring Green Dark. Add small green buttons to either side of each flower stem as leaves.


Attach the finished Button Flower Embroidery to the Burlap Bag with E6000 Fabri-Fuse. Make sure to slide a piece of scrap paper between the layers of the bag to prevent the front and back from being glued together.

Quick and Easy Hand Embroidered Button Flower Bag

I hope you will use my Embroidered Button Flower Bag project as a jumping-off point to showcase your Coats and Clark creativity and make some keepsake Embroidered Button Flower Bag for Easter or Mother's Day. Anchor® Embroidery Floss Spools are mercerized for a brilliant luster and smooth finish. Spools eliminate the need to rewind the floss onto cards. The color number is printed on the bottom label, so you will never lose track of what color is on the spool.

Shop Tombow

NEW! Anchor Embroidery Floss Spools

Anchor® Spools are available 438 solid colors and 12 multi-colors on 10.9 yard (10 m) spools, which is 25% more floss than skeins. Plus 20 popular colors are available on a 32.8 yard (30 meter) spools. Use their handy Anchor® color chart and conversion tool for shade recommendations for all cross stitch and embroidery patterns. And the spools are made from polypropylene which is a Class 5 recyclable.

I love crafting together with my besties because even with the same supplies our projects turn out totally different. Laura from Me and My INKlings is sharing the cutest DIY Fabric Fairy Houses. I love the combination of the scrappy fabrics with the hand stitching and the flowers are adorable!

Lindsay from Artsy Fartsy Mama created an Embroidered Bookmark using the backstitch. I love how the bright primary colors pop off of the charcoal grey felt base.

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