Elf Clothesline Garland with FREE Printable Patterns #creativelybeth #createwithkunin #christmascrafts #feltgarland

Elf Clothesline Garland with FREE Printable

Creating sassy and quirky decorations for the holidays is always fun and my Elf Clothesline Garland with FREE Printable Patterns is the perfect project to craft up in an afternoon with the kiddos!  Makes a great addition to your home décor or create a few to gift to teachers, co-workers, and neighbors.  Sure to make the recipient smile!


Elf Clothesline Garland with FREE Printable Patterns #creativelybeth #createwithkunin #christmascrafts #feltgarland

Create an Elf Clothesline with Kunin Felt


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Here’s what you will need to make Elf Clothing Laundry Line:



Here’s how to make an Elf Clothing Garland with Kunin Felt:




Download and print  ELF CLOTHESLINE GARLAND PATTERNS   Cut out all patterns with scissors.


FREE Printable Patterns for Elf Clothing #creativelybeth #createwithkunin #christmascrafts #feltgarland


Attach patterns to felt with straight pins according to instructions on pattern sheets and cut out with scissors.  You can also trace the patterns on to the felt with a permanent marker, just make sure to cut along the inside edge to create a clean finished project.


Cut FREE Printable Patterns from Kunin Felt #creativelybeth #createwithkunin #christmascrafts #feltgarland




Attach red felt trims to the Elf booties, hat, and shirt with the glue gun and glue sticks.


ElfCreate Elf Hat and Boots from Felt #creativelybeth #createwithkunin #christmascrafts #feltgarland


Attach one large pompom to the top of Elf hat, two medium pom poms to the tip of Elf booties and three small pom poms to Elf shirt with the glue gun.


Embellish Elf Clothes with Pom Poms #creativelybeth #createwithkunin #christmascrafts #feltgarland




Using fabric glue, adhere red rick rack to the top of socks and undies, Kelly green rick rack to sleeves and bottom of the shirt and bright green rick rack to top and legs of pants.  Set aside to dry.


Embellish Elf Clothes with Rick Rack #creativelybeth #createwithkunin #christmascrafts #feltgarland




Create stitches on undies, foot and heel accents to socks with red dimensional fabric paint.  Set aside to dry.


Add details with dimensional fabric paint #creativelybeth #createwithkunin #christmascrafts #feltgarland




Measure and cut a 48” length of bakers twine.  Layout Elf clothes on the work surface and attach to bakers twine clothesline with small white clothespins.


Hang Elf Clothes on the Line with Mini Clothespins #creativelybeth #createwithkunin #christmascrafts #feltgarland


I hope you will use my Christmas Elf Clothesline Garland project as a jumping-off point to showcase your Kunin Creativity and create some fun and colorful home décor this holiday season!  Switch up the colors to match YOUR home’s décor, the possibilities are endless!


Elf Clothesline Garland with FREE Printable Patterns #creativelybeth #createwithkunin #christmascrafts #feltgarland


Felt is an easy, versatile and forgiving medium that allows you to create affordable but trendy projects whether you are a beginner or an expert crafter!


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