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Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments with FastCast

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I love to tackle anything and everything crafty, and recently I had the opportunity to work with Fast Cast from ETI Resin. Y'all I am addicted! Last week during the Christmas Craft-A-Thon, Lindsay from Artsy Fartsy Mama taught Laura and me how to create the cutest Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments with FastCast. Scroll down to see all the details.

Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments with FastCast by ETI Resin Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #etiresincrafts #fastcastresin #christmas #ornaments

FastCast Resin Easy Christmas Ornaments

Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments with FastCast by ETI Resin Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #etiresincrafts #fastcastresin #christmas #ornaments

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Here's what you need to make Resin Ornaments:


Here's how to create Molded Ornaments with Resin:

Instead of traditional resin that needs to cure up to 24 hours, Lindsay introduced us to FastCast Resin from ETI USA. It completely lives up to its name. Curing the resin only takes about 10 minutes. I learned a lot through this process, and am super excited to try additional projects with FastCast Resin, very soon.


To begin the Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments, gather all supplies. If this is your first time working with any type of resin, please read all of the directions on the package before beginning the project. You also might want to protect your work surface with a craft mat or freezer paper.

Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments with FastCast by ETI Resin Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #etiresincrafts #fastcastresin #christmas #ornaments


Once you combine the two components of the resin, you have to work quickly. So, it’s best to know what to expect. Pour in equal amounts of FastCast Resin part “A” and part “B” into a small hard plastic measuring cup. Stir the resin mixture together well with a wooden craft “popsicle” stick. Once Quickly but cautiously pour the resin into the Silicone Christmas Mold. If you drip any resin on other parts of the mold or accidentally over-pour, don’t worry for a second.


The resin is MUCH easier to remove once it has cured than when it’s wet. As the resin cures it gets warm and starts to turn white until eventually, it is all white and ready to remove from the mold. Gently pull at the edges of the Silicone Christmas Mold to make sure that the FastCast Resin has completely cured, if it pulls away easily, it is ready to be unmolded.


Acrylic paint works great to paint on the finished FastCast Resin pieces. We used Americana acrylic paint from DecoArt because they come in great colors and are easy peasy to clean up. Once the paint is dry, a clear glossy or matte spray finish can be applied if desired.


Measure and cut a twelve-inch length of ribbon, tie it into a loop, and attach to the back of the finished Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments with E6000 Clear Craft Adhesive. Set aside and allow the glue to dry.

Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments with FastCast by ETI Resin Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #etiresincrafts #fastcastresin #christmas #ornaments

Quick and Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments with FastCast

Now here is the warning I will include with my Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments – CAUTION FastCast is ADDICTING! I now need to make all the things with resin. FastCast™ is a two-component clear urethane casting resin, which turns white once set. Easy to use, 1:1 ratio, and is odorless.  Ideal for casting, quick prototyping, miniatures, models, and more. FastCast™ sets to a hard cast in approximately 10 minutes at 70°F.  Once cured, FastCast™ Resin can be drilled, sanded, shaped, and painted.

Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments with FastCast by ETI Resin Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #etiresincrafts #fastcastresin #christmas #ornaments
Shop Tombow

The gingerbread boy and girl pieces are so dang cute, even before they get painted. They make the most fabulous addition to this adorable gift wrapped up with a scrappy bow. Then you have two gifts in one, the wrapped gift and a cute pair of Christmas Tree Ornaments. It's a total win/win!

I am so grateful to Lindsay for showing me how to create with FastCast Resin. Lindsay of Artsy Fartsy Mama created a super cute painted Resin Christmas Tree Magnet and Laura of Me and My INKlings created DIY Resin Gingerbread Clips for Gifts.

Too busy to make these Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments right now? Pin it for later!  I'd love for you to pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and then it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

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