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Easy Hand-Painted Glass Ornaments with DecoArt

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Create Easy Hand-Painted Glass Ornaments with DecoArt Americana Acrylics. I have had a love affair with vintage glass ornaments since I was a kid and was in awe of my Grandparents' Christmas tree. The Colors! The Sparkle! The Shine! I am still mesmerized to this day, so whenever I see any type of vintage glass ornament I always scoop them up. These easy hand-painted vintage glass ornaments were inspired by my collection and I'm sharing the tips and tricks to make them below, so let's get started!

Easy Hand-Painted Glass Ornaments A 30 Minute DIY #creativelybeth #decoart #handpainted #christmasornaments #handmade

Quick and Easy Hand-Painted Ornaments

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Here's what you need to create hand-painted Christmas ornaments:

Here's how to make easy vintage-inspired ornaments:

To begin the easy Hand-Painted Glass Ornaments, gather all supplies. I found these vintage ornaments at a local thrift store (31 silver and gold for just $5.00) but you can use plastic or glass ornaments from any big box or craft store. You can tell if these glass balls are vintage or not by the cap at the top. If the cap is metal, then they are vintage, if the cap is plastic then they are newer.

Supplies needed for Hand-Painted Ornaments #creativelybeth #decoart #handpainted #christmasornaments #handmade


Clean each vintage glass ornament with a baby wipe or vinegar water and a paper towel, and then let dry completely. Add quarter-sized dollops of all four colors of Americana Acrylics paint to a clean paper plate or palette. I love using paper plates from Dollar Tree as my palettes.

Clean Glass Ornaments and place paint on palette #creativelybeth #decoart #handpainted #christmasornaments #handmade


Load a #6 round brush with Santa Red and create a round berry on the front center of the gold ornament. Repeat with a second and third berry in a pyramid shape. This loose and painterly technique works best when you load additional paint onto the paintbrush before each stroke on the ornament. Clean the paintbrush.  Load a #4 round brush with Forest Green and create a holly leaf shape by connecting six half circles. Load additional paint and fill in the holly leaf. Repeat with a second and a third holly leaf, referring to the photo for placement. Pick up Hauser Medium Green and add a highlight to the center of each leaf. Bend open a large paper clip and use it as a hanger to allow the ornament to dry completely.

Hand-Painted Holly Christmas Ornament #creativelybeth #decoart #handpainted #christmasornaments #handmade


Load a #6 round brush with Santa Red and create an asterisk-shape on the front center of the silver ornament as the base of the poinsettia flower. Load additional paint and create each petal by painting parentheses shapes on either side of the base stroke. Pick up Deep Burgundy and create a shadow on the left side of each petal. Clean the paintbrush. Load a #4 round brush with Forest Green and create a leaf on the right and left side of the poinsettia flower.  Bend open a large paper clip and use it as a hanger to allow the ornament to dry completely.

Vintage Hand-Painted Poinsettia Ornament #creativelybeth #decoart #handpainted #christmasornaments #handmade


Once dry, outline the holly berries with red glitter glue and add swirls with silver glitter glue. Set aside to dry. Add gold glitter glue dots to the center of the poinsettia and flourish style swirls around the ornament. Set aside to dry. Measure and cut ten-inch lengths of red satin ribbon, thread them through the metal hanger at the top of the ornament, and secure them with a knot. For some extra embellishment, add a bow.

Embellish Hand-Painted Ornaments with Glitter Glue #creativelybeth #decoart #handpainted #christmasornaments #handmade

Hand-Painted Glass Ornaments with DecoArt Americana Acrylics!

I hope you have enjoyed my easy hand-painted vintage ornaments tutorial and you will use this project as a jumping-off point to showcase YOUR creativity today! Change up the image and surface for any holiday, paint eggs for Easter, and hearts for Valentine's Day, the possibilities are endless!  Get the kiddos involved and make some fun keepsakes that everyone will love creating! This loose painterly style is easy for anyone at any skill level to master.

Easy Hand-Painted Glass Ornaments A 30 Minute DIY #creativelybeth #decoart #handpainted #christmasornaments #handmade

More ornament inspiration can be found by clicking through to my Dollar Tree Craft Foam Cookies a Christmas DIY. Dimensional fabric paint and glitter give these no-bake cookies a realistic touch!

Dollar Tree Christmas Cookies Ornaments Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #dollartree #christmas #craft #diy #cookie #ornament

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Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments with DecoArt Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #christmas #ornament #tree #holly #handpainted #decoart #poinsettia #craft #diy

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