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Easy DIY Book Pumpkin with Dollar Tree Supplies

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This Easy DIY Book Pumpkin with Dollar Tree Supplies, literally costs ONE DOLLAR! The rest of the supplies I grabbed from my stash (and the yard). Can I tell you how much I love pumpkins? Not those fussy Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but actual pumpkins. I love creating fun, funky, elegant, and upcycled pumpkins. I am excited to be sharing today as part of the Team Creative Crafts Fall Crafts Edition, so stop back by on Saturday to see all of the creative inspiration!

Easy DIY Book Pumpkin with Dollar Tree Supplies by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #dollartreecrafts #bookpumpkin #pumpkincrafts #fallcrafts #recycledcrafts

Easy DIY Books Pumpkin with Dollar Tree Supplies

Easy DIY Book Pumpkin with Dollar Tree Supplies by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #dollartreecrafts #bookpumpkin #pumpkincrafts #fallcrafts #recycledcrafts

This week I am co-hosting Team Creative Crafts Fall Crafts Edition with my crafty friends Laura from Laura Kelly Designs, and Lindsay from Artsy-Fartsy Mama. We are featuring ALL the fabulously colorful and cute craft projects from some of the most talented designers we know. Check out my tutorial, then scroll down to see all the creativity, AND stop back on Saturday to see what everyone has created!

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Here's what you need to Make a Paperback Pumpkin:


How to Make a Pumpkin from Dollar Tree Books:


To begin the Easy DIY Book Pumpkin, gather all supplies. I picked up three one-dollar paperback books from Dollar Tree in various thicknesses, make sure that the pages were more beige than bright white. Remove the front and back covers of the paperback book.

Download and print the DOLLAR TREE BOOK PUMPKIN PATTERNS below or draw your own shape on the inside of the book covers with the MONOTWIN Permanent Marker. Both of my patterns fit within this one book – SCORE! Cut out the book pumpkin patterns with scissors. Open book flat at the halfway point, trace the pumpkin pattern on the right half of the open book with a pencil or marker. Repeat by tracing the pumpkin pattern on the right half of the open book.


Using a new, sharp blade on a craft knife, carefully cut through the book pages a few at a time. Insert a self-healing mat under the book and continue cutting pages until half of the pages are completely cut out. Repeat on the other side of the book. Trim any uneven edges with scissors.  


Flip the cutout book pumpkin on your work surface and attach the exposed spine together with a line of hot glue from a glue gun. Fluff out the pumpkin by crinkling and crumpling each page individually by hand. Bend and score the spine of the paperback book as you fluff out the pumpkin shape and make it full. This took me about 10 minutes.


Fold book the pumpkin in half and secure with a binder clip, and use as a stand. Dry brush Americana Jack-O-Lantern Orange acrylic paint around the edges of the cut book pages. The larger paintbrush bristles will give you a more random application of paint, which I prefer. Carefully separate any book pages that might stick together, then set the pumpkin aside to dry.


Gather a small tree branch from the yard and cut it to size with wire cutters. Attach to the top center of the book pumpkin with a glue gun and glue sticks. This dab of hot glue at the top of the pumpkin will also help to keep the book pages open and separated. Tie assorted green ribbon, lace, and twine scraps around the stem of the book pumpkin to finish. Trim any excess with scissors.

Quick and Easy DIY Book Pumpkin

I hope you will use my Easy DIY Paperback Book Pumpkin as a jumping-off point to showcase YOUR Fall craftiness. This is a quick and easy project that goes together in just about 30 minutes with limited supplies from Dollar Tree. Change up the shapes, sizes, and colors of the Book Pumpkins to decorate your home for Autumn. Also makes a great gift for family, friends, co-workers, and teachers, they will never know how easy the Book Pumpkins were to make!  

Easy DIY Book Pumpkin with Dollar Tree Supplies by Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #dollartreecrafts #bookpumpkin #pumpkincrafts #fallcrafts #recycledcrafts

Now it’s time for some INSPIRATION!

Below are more cozy Autumn projects created by some of my craftiest designer friends. We are participating in the Team Creative Crafts – Fall Crafts Edition. Scroll down to see all the goodness. Stop back by Saturday for all the super cool projects!

Awesome Autumn Inspiration from Team Creative Crafts

I am totally blown away by the fabulous variety of projects that the team created this month. We told everyone “Fall Anything Goes” and we have not been disappointed! And look at all the GORGEOUS pumpkins!

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