DIY Thanksgiving Pie Banner with Kunin Felt

Thanksgiving is all about traditions, family and pie, especially PIE! Because I can’t ever choose just one type of pie to be my favorite, for this DIY Thanksgiving Pie Banner, I “baked” Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, and Blueberry Pie! Whip up a batch of these yummy “to look at” pies in just a few hours and keep the kitchen CLEAN!


Creatively Beth creates a DIY Thanksgiving Pie Banner with Kunin Felt #creativelybeth #thanksgivingcrafts #piebanner #feltcrafts #piegarland #pumpkinpiebanner

Thanksgiving Pie Banner a DIY Tutorial


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Here’s what you will need to make a Holiday Pie Banner:


Creatively Beth uses Kunin Felt to create a DIY Thanksgiving Pie Banner #creativelybeth #thanksgivingcrafts #piebanner #feltcrafts #piegarland #pumpkinpiebanner

Here’s how to make DIY Felt Thanksgiving Pie:



Download DIY THANKSGIVING PIE BANNER PATTERNS and print. Cut out patterns with scissors.  For durability, trace and cut paper patterns onto the chipboard and then cut out again. Trace and cut six Pie Crusts onto Cashmere Tan.


Creatively Beth gives you a FREE downloadable pattern to create Felt Pie #creativelybeth #thanksgivingcrafts #piebanner #feltcrafts #piegarland #pumpkinpiebanner


Trace and cut two Pie Fillings onto Pumpkin Spice (Pumpkin Pie), Sandstone (Apple Pie) and Prickly Pear (Blueberry Pie). Onto Silver Felt, trace and cut three Forks. Attach the pie fillings to the pie crusts with the glue gun.

TIP: Remember to cut INSIDE the lines for a neat and clean finished project.


Creatively Beth traces and cuts out felt pieces for a Thanksgiving Banner #creativelybeth #thanksgivingcrafts #piebanner #feltcrafts #piegarland #pumpkinpiebanner



Measure and cut 18-20 strips of Cashmere Tan ½” wide by 9” long and set 6 aside to use later. Layout over the Sandstone (Apple Pie) and arrange in a woven pattern to mimic the lattice top on a pie. Attach strips of felt with a glue gun at each intersection. Repeat with the second lattice. Liftoff and set aside.


Creatively Beth creates a lattic design for the Apple Pie Banner #creativelybeth #thanksgivingcrafts #piebanner #feltcrafts #piegarland #pumpkinpiebanner


Cut skinny crescents from Olive Felt to mimic apple sections and glue to Sandstone Felt.


Creatively Beth creates a DIY Apple Pie Banner from Felt #creativelybeth #thanksgivingcrafts #piebanner #feltcrafts #piegarland #pumpkinpiebanner


Attach the lattice to pie, flip over and trim off the excess. For the decorative edge of the pie crust, attach one of reserved ½” strips to the top edge of each of the Apple Pie pieces with a glue gun, creating a ruffled effect by folding the strip as it is being glued.

Creatively Beth how to make a felt banner for Thanksgiving#creativelybeth #thanksgivingcrafts #piebanner #feltcrafts #piegarland #pumpkinpiebanner



Attach one of reserved ½” strips to the top edge of each of the Blueberry Pie pieces with the glue gun, creating a ruffled effect by folding the strip as it is being glued. Trace two pie crusts from Cashmere Tan and cut approximate 1/8” inside the lines to create a top pie crust. Fold pie crust vertically and cut a slit with scissors. Repeat with a second slit. Glue top pie crusts to Prickly Purple (Blueberry Pie) slices.


Creatively Beth creates a Berry Pie Banner#creativelybeth #thanksgivingcrafts #piebanner #feltcrafts #piegarland #pumpkinpiebanner




Glue Pumpkin Spice pie filling to pie crust with a glue gun. Attach one of reserved ½” strips to the top edge of each of the Pumpkin Pie pieces with hot glue, creating a ruffled effect by folding the strip as it is being glued. Cut six random scalloped cloud shapes – two large, two medium and 2 small. Make two stacks, largest to smallest, attaching each layer with a glue gun. Scrunch as the glue cools to create dimension. Attach Whipped Cream to the center of Pumpkin Pie slices.


Creatively Beth makes a pumpkin pie banner from felt#creativelybeth #thanksgivingcrafts #piebanner #feltcrafts #piegarland #pumpkinpiebanner




Adhere each slice of pie to the twill tape with a glue gun, leaving 2” in between and 12” at each end. Attach three forks. Tie ribbon scraps in between the slices of pie.


Creatively Beth adds felt forks to a Fall Pie Banner for some DIY fun!#creativelybeth #thanksgivingcrafts #piebanner #feltcrafts #piegarland #pumpkinpiebanner


And here is a close-up…


Creatively Beth creates a DIY Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Banner #creativelybeth #thanksgivingcrafts #piebanner #feltcrafts #piegarland #pumpkinpiebanner


I hope you will use my DIY Thanksgiving Pie Banner as a jumping-off point to showcase your Kunin Creativity to create a fun holiday decoration! The possibilities are endless – Cherry Pie, Key Lime Pie, Pecan Pie – and YUMMY!


Felt is an easy, versatile and forgiving medium that allows you to create affordable but trendy projects whether you are a beginner or an expert crafter!


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