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DIY Halloween Mummy Door created in 30 minutes

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Creating a DIY Halloween Mummy Door is super quick and easy with Oly*Fun by Fairfield World and is a fun way to greet your Trick or Treaters!  Since Oly*Fun cuts like paper, it's great for quick projects and crafting with the kiddos.  Weather-resistant Oly*Fun won't fade in the sun or fray in the wind – perfect for outdoor decor!  This post is sponsored by Fairfield World, but the ideas and opinions are my own.


Creatively Beth DIY Halloween Mummy Door created with Oly Fun by Fairfield World

Spooky & Cute 30 Minute Mummy Door


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Here's what you will need to create a Halloween Mummy Door:



Here's how to make a DIY Mummy Door:




With a permanent marker, trace and cut two large circles from Oly*Fun Kiwi to create the Mummy's eyeballs.


Creatively Beth Oly Fun cuts like paper!


Trace and cut two smaller circles from Oly*Fun Jet Black using the white pencil to create the Mummy's pupils.  I used mixing bowls from my kitchen because they easily create these large and small circles.


Oly Fun fabric by Fairfield World won't fray!




In a well-ventilated area (or outside) lay out some newspaper.  Flip the two black pupils over, mist an even coat of spray adhesive and then attach to green eyeballs.


Creatively Beth use spray glue to attach layers of Oly Fun




Measure and cut a rectangle of Oly*Fun Hot Fudge the same size as your door or gate because the brown creates a creepy base.  For the Mummy bandages, measure and cut approximately 30 strips of Oly*Fun Snow White 3″ wide by 36″ long, but don't worry about them being perfectly straight or even.


My wooden front gate is 30″ wide by 72″ tall and the Oly*Fun Craft Packs are 30″ by 3 Yards, as a result, the measuring and cutting easy!


Creatively Beth hot glue adds to the Mummy effect of Oly Fun




Apply the white strips of Mummy bandages with a hot glue gun, starting at the top, but leave approximately 3″ of extra material along both sides.  The hot glue lines show through the Snow White Oly*Fun, however, it adds to the creepy vibe!  Position the eyes in the center, about one-third from the top edge, glue to the Hot Fudge Oly*Fun and then overlap bandages randomly around the eyes.


Creatively Beth insert eyes and secure with hot glue


Continue to apply bandages the entire length of the brown base, securing with hot glue along the way.


Creatively Beth leave long edges to create a real Mummy look!




Flip finished door panel over.  Cut and create loops with Gorilla brand black duct tape and then apply to the top and bottom edges, as well as, to the sides.  Attach the Mummy Door panel to a wooden front gate.


Creatively Beth attach strong adhesive tape to the back and attach to metal door frame or wooden gate


If your door is painted, then skip step five above and secure the panel with the Gorilla brand duct tape wrapped around the sides of the door starting at the top.


Creatively Beth Easy Halloween Mummy Door with Oly Fun


My DIY Halloween Mummy Door was so quick and easy that I made a second one for my Mummy and then attached it to the unfinished metal frame of her storm door.


Creatively Beth make a mummy door in 30 minutes


If you enjoyed this project please check out my ENTER IF YOU DARE Doormat (pictured above) which has also been created with Oly*Fun.  Check out Fairfield World on Instagram for more inspiration.


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