Create a Hexagon Hello Card with Stencils

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Good Morning Y'all! Today I have an exciting project showcasing my crafty friend, Ann Butler's brand new stencil release with StencilGirl®! Now, you know that I LOVE Ann's Faux Quilted Stamps and these stencils are the perfect addition! So, let's create a Hexagon Hello Card to brighten anyone's day!

Stenciled Hexagon Hello Card with Ann Butler Designs Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #cards #stenciled #handlettered

Create a Hexagon Hello Card with Stencils from Ann Butler Designs

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Here's what you need to create a happy hexagon pattern:

Here's how to create a colorful stenciled hexagon pattern:

Step One

To start the hexagon hello card, stencil the Hexagon Set 1 onto white cardstock with Lilac, Limelight, and Aquamarine Crafter's Inks using the Stylus and Tips. Load the Stylus by pouncing onto the ink pad and then apply the ink using a swirling motion. Once dry, layer the stencil patterns and the ink colors to create a printed fabric effect.

Layer the aqua, lime and lavender ink colors on the white paper using the hexagon stencil Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #annbutlerdesigns #cards #stencils #hexagons

Step Two

Cut out all the Hexagons with scissors and dry fit in a 5 wide stripe across the front of the card.  Attach with MONO Permanent Adhesive Runner. Mix and match the colors to create a faux quilted look.

Cut out the hexagons and create a pattern and the attach to the card base with Tombow Adhesive Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #annbutlerdesigns #cards #stencils #hexagons

Step Three

Lay out an organic pattern on the inside of the card and attach the Hexagons with the adhesive runner. Draw lines around the Hexagon pattern with MONO Drawing Pen 01, then add the sentiment with the 05.

Outline the hexagons and write a message with Tombow Pens Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #annbutlerdesigns #cards #stencils #hexagons

Step Four

To finish the hexagon hello card, add the outline with MONO Drawing Pen 01 to the front of the card. With the black tip of the Fudenosuke Brush Pen hand letter the word HELLO to the front of the card.

Use Tombow Pens to create a Hello message on the Hexagon Hello Card Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #annbutlerdesigns #cards #stencils #hexagons

Create a Happy Hexagon Hello Card

I hope you have enjoyed my Hexagon Hello Card and that you will use this project as a jumping-off point to showcase YOUR Ann Butler Stencil creativity!  For tons more inspiration, visit Ann Butler Designs on Facebook and Instagram! Stop back by for the next stencil reveal – the rails!


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Stenciled Hexagon Hello Card with Ann Butler Designs Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #cards #stenciled #handlettered

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  • Beth, I LOVE this card and the fact that you layered the colors and patterns… ~ Ann Butler

    • Thank you, Jennifer for hosting!!

  • What a pretty idea, I love the layered look 🙂

    • Thanks, Julie! I love this color palette as well!


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