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Craft Lightning Kids Busy Craft – Shaving Cream Marbling

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WELCOME to the Craft Lightning challenge for March – Busy Kids Crafts!Craft Lightning is a series of project challenges hosted by Angie at the Country Chic Cottage, Caroline from 30 Minute Crafts and this month Stacey from Glued to my Crafts.  Each project takes 15 minutes or less to create.  Join us for an entire week of inspiration by a wonderful group of talented Designers!  Details at the bottom of my post.

Now on to my project – SHAVING CREAM MARBLING!

Gather your supplies:  Shave Cream; Food Dye; Wooden Skewers; Disposable Foil Cookie Sheets; Plain White Cardstock; Rubber Squeegee; Paper Towels and Old Towels.  I purchased disposable foil cookie sheets, but you could definitely use a jelly roll pan from your kitchen.


Squirt out a layer of shave cream.  You will need the layer to be even, so spread it out with a spatula, or I use my hand (it's quicker and easier!)


Drop food coloring randomly across the surface of the shave cream.  Experiment with color combinations!  We used the Neon Colors of food coloring, but you can mix and match.


Using a wooden skewer, swirl the food coloring around in a random fashion in the shave cream.  Don't over swirl or your colors will become muddy.


Gently lay cardstock onto very top layer of shave cream, pressing gently to get color across the entire surface.  Peel back the cardstock and place on an old towel.  Remove the excess shave cream with either a rubber squeegee or paper towels.  I found that the rubber squeegee works better, just clean off the blade after each swipe of shave cream, so you don't muddy your colors.


Hang up with clothespins or lay out on an old towel to dry.


You can also press a fresh piece of cardstock into a shave cream covered piece of cardstock to obtain a second impression!
This is a great way to keep tweens busy for hours, because each and every piece of cardstock turn out differently!  And the reveal when you squeegee off the shave cream is amazing!
The projects that could be made from these beautiful Shaving Cream Marbled papers are endless – cards, gift wrap or even a journal.  Leave a comment below to let me know what you would make with Shaving Cream Marbled papers!
Click on the Craft Lightning link below to check out the inspirational group of Designers and their 15 Minute Busy Kids Crafts!
Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth


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