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Conversation Candy Heart Banner a Valentine’s Day DIY

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I am such a sucker for ALL of the Holidays, especially the ones that involve CANDY!  Fun and whimsical, this Conversation Candy Heart Banner is sweet but won’t pack on the pounds! Create your very own personalized messages to show your friends and family how you really feel!  Quick and easy to complete in just about 30 minutes.

Conversation Candy Heart Banner by Creatively Beth #valentinecrafts #heartcrafts #feltcrafts #creativelybeth


A Valentine's Day Conversation Candy Heart Banner

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Here’s what you will need to create a Candy Heart Banner:

Materials needed to create a conversation candy heart banner by Creatively Beth #valentinecrafts #heartcrafts #feltcrafts #creativelybeth

Here’s how to make a Conversation Heart Banner:


Draw a heart on plain paper with a pencil. Cut out then trace onto Kunin Classic™ Felt Baby Pink, Lemon Yellow, Peach, Minty and Baby Blue with a permanent marker. Cut out with scissors.  Layout the red letters first and then create your heart shape to the correct size.

TIP: Remember to cut inside the lines so that you have a clean, finished project.

Pastel colors of felt match conversation candy hearts by Creatively Beth #valentinecrafts #heartcrafts #feltcrafts #creativelybeth


Select messages then pop out letters from JOY SA Iron-On and Embroidered letter sheet. Line up on hearts and iron on according to package directions.

Add messages to conversation candy hearts by Creatively Beth #valentinecrafts #heartcrafts #feltcrafts #creativelybeth


Draw a rectangle 5” wide by 8 ½” tall on plain paper. Then measure 2 ½” to the center and 1 ½” up from the bottom. Draw lines from the center point to both bottom edges. Cut out the banner shape. Then cut five (5) banners from Kunin Premium™ Felt White. Attach conversation hearts to banners with hot glue.

Cut out banner shapes from white felt by Creatively Beth #valentinecrafts #heartcrafts #feltcrafts #creativelybeth


Measure and cut five (5) rectangles 5” wide by ½” tall from Kunin Classic™ Felt Red, then cut out. Trim one long edge on each rectangle with scallop scissors. Attach to the top of each banner with hot glue. Flip banners over and embellish with Expo International Red Ric Rac. Line banners up on your work surface and attach Expo International White Ball Fringe across the top with hot glue.

Add ball fringe and rick rack to banners by Creatively Beth #valentinecrafts #heartcrafts #feltcrafts #creativelybeth

Here is a close up of the mint green LOVE YOU banner:

Love You Candy Heart by Creatively Beth #valentinecrafts #heartcrafts #feltcrafts #creativelybeth

I hope you will use my Conversation Candy Heart Banner as a jumping-off point to showcase your creativity and make some Valentine’s Day home decor! Swap out the colors and messages for a custom creation!  Hang on your mantel with some extra Red Ball Fringe for a finished look!

Cricut is Easy as 123

Felt is an easy, versatile and forgiving medium that allows you to create affordable but trendy projects whether you are a beginner or an expert crafter!

Conversation Candy Heart Banner by Creatively Beth #valentinecrafts #heartcrafts #feltcrafts #creativelybeth

For more heart-felt inspiration check out my Puzzle Piece Heart Wreath created with supplies from the Dollar Tree.

Puzzle Piece Heart Shaped Wreath Creatively Beth #creativelybeth #dollartreecrafts #heart #valentinesdaycrafts #kidscrafts

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6 thoughts on “Conversation Candy Heart Banner a Valentine’s Day DIY

  • Absolutely love crafting my grandchildren love my friends love it I have a whole room and that’s all we do I do a lot by hand because I don’t have all these new fancy machines but I make it work and they always look awesome

    • I don’t like the fancy machines either, Teresa! You will find most of my projects are made with templates and patterns!

  • I love this idea! The colors you chose for the hearts are perfect.

    • Thank you Anna! They are all colors of Kunin Felt, the kind you can get at the craft stores 🙂

  • Adorable! The colors you used are perfect! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    • Thanks a bunch Cecilia! Easy to make with Kunin Felt 🙂


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