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Just a super quick ornament idea to share today! These are easy to do with the kiddos, you just have to help them with the hot glue!

Hope you enjoy – they are almost yummy enought to eat!!

Flaten the bottom of a satin covered ornament by pushing down and twisting on your work surface. Hot glue the bottom and then edge in a paper cupcake liner. Ice the cupcake with 3D Fabric Paint like the Tulip brand from ilove to create. Smooth with a palette knife or plastic knife. Sprinkle with glitter, shake off excess and set aside to dry. Drying may take up to 24 hours based upon how thick a layer of “icing” you use.

Once dry, tie a section of gold cord or ribbon for the hanger and hot glue two metallic pom poms to cover plastic hanger loop.

Hang on the tree and give as gifts. The bottom of the cupcake makes the perfect spot for your child's name and the date!

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

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